Friday, March 23, 2012

Twenty Five Boys Excel In SPM 2011

Beaming With Joy... both teachers and students
St Michael's continues to set new momentum in its academic achievements. It was the PMR last year, followed by the STPM and now, SPM 2011. Twenty five students scored all As in the examination compared to 21 students in SPM 2010.
This propels the way for a possible academic award from the Education Ministry.

Not forgetting all the other SPM candidates too. You have done exceedingly well in your own ways. Irrespective how you fared, more challenges and hurdles are expected in weeks and months to come.
Nevertheless. it's the character that determines who we are.

Congratulation from us all at St Michael's Ipoh.
"Uphold The Great Michaelian Ethos" 

Note: pix courtesy of Cikgu Azhar Rodzi

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