Thursday, March 22, 2012

Visitors From Singapore

An e-mail dated January 16 from an old boy who left St Michael's in 1969 (Form Two) detailing his years here led to a visit to SMI with 16 of his friends from Singapore.
A jubilant Mr Ooi handed over RM400 to the Wushu Club. 
Mr Ooi Teng Kok was born in Singapore but completed his primary education at SMI primary One. He left Ipoh 43 years ago but came back occasionally to visit friends and relatives.
Despite the long years he was away, St Michael's has always been close to his heart. That prompted him to convince his 16 Singaporean friends for a 4-day trip to Ipoh, including a visit to SMI.
A meeting of teacher and pupil ... which is which?
Mr Ooi managed to meet up with Master Timothy Chee, his Arts teacher when he was in Form One and Two. That meeting was not a coincidence. He wanted to meet Master Timothy for many years and we managed to get both of them together for a teacher-meet-pupil session.
Mr Adrian (right) and Mr Ooi at the Michaelian Heritage Gallery
So much to talk about St Michael's and the Lasalle schools in Singapore.
OMA president Mr Adrian Tsen was the head boy in Upper Six (1969) when Mr Ooi was in Form Two but that day, it was a meeting of two very happy and successful Michaelians!
Well, the visit was meaningful as the group was greeted by a lion dance performance by the Wushu Club boys.

Till We Meet Again...
"Cherishing Our Past, Embracing The Future".
Thank you for visiting us at St Michael's.

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