Saturday, April 28, 2012

All Systems Go!!

St Michael's is ready for the Centennial FunFair and Talentime. We expect a crowd of 10,000 people, consisting of parents, old boys, former teachers, students from other schools and the general public. Come and unwind. That's the place to spend your SUNDAY!! April 29, 2012 from 8am to 3pm.
The ponies are waiting for you!! The food is abundance and the games are simply superb.
Welcome to St Michael's. Yes, we are celebrating our centennial and Michaelians are celebrating with all of you.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Season Drums & Lion Heads Have Arrived!

Wushu boys inspecting the drums after arrival. 
The arrival of eight seasons drum this afternoon was greeted with excitement by the wushu boys. Some twenty of them were already at the basketball court area when the lorry arrived with the drums. The two lorry men. on the other hand, started their journey from Kimberly Street, Penang and unloaded a few packages in Taiping before heading to SMI to deliver the goodies.
As soon as the doors were opened, the sight of the drums itself already brought a few rounds of applause among the boys! This addition brings much joy to the wushu club as they have now a collection of nine drums. 
It would be a brilliant idea to have the oldest drum donated to the Michaelian Heritage Gallery for posterity. Nevertheless. St Michael's would like to credit the generosity of SMI Alumni Klang Valley, particularly Mr Michael Lip, Mr Lee Wei Seong and their committee for making this happen.

The drums have arrived much to the joy of the Wushu boys.  
Coincidentally, the three lion heads also made their way to St Michael's about the same time as the drums - thirty minutes apart. Pictures were also taken during delivery but the images are under wraps. We want to keep the suspense until this Sunday. They are exceptionally wonderful in term of colours, quality of workmanship and design.  
Barely six months ago, we never thought what happened today was possible. The Wushu Club was making  do with just a drum and two lion heads, made possible through the generosity of Mr Joseph Michael Lee five years ago. The club made full use of what they had in so many occasions - charity events, opening ceremonies and various functions. 
A post on this blog changed all that. It managed to touch many hearts and a wave to give was generated.  Three individuals sponsored RM1000 each namely Mr Thomas Wong, Mr Andy Lim (made possible through some good words from Mr Adrian Tsen) and another anonymous donor (who finally agreed to turn up on the auspicious "eye-dotting" ceremony. That spirit of service always fascinates me! 
Other individuals who I credit are Mr Gnanasegaran, Mr Lawrence Brindes, Mr Harneak Singh, Mr Anthony Lourdes, Dr Yap Chee Seng, Mr Steven Lee, Mr Louis Rozario Doss, Mr Terry Yip and Mr Ooi Teng Kok.
We hope that the drums and lion heads bring new inspirations to the boys in their quest to continue safeguarding and preserving the rich and beautiful Chinese heritage at St Michael's.
"Cherishing The Past, Embracing The Future"

"Eye-Dotting" of Lion Heads and Officiating of Drums - April 29, 2012 at 10am. 
Come and witness how the lions come to life!

Monday, April 23, 2012

St Michael's Gets Stunned!

Don't move! It takes just a shot to get roasted!
St Michael's was temporarily turned into a virtual 'battlefield' as two men armed with laser guns demonstrated at the assembly ground during the morning assembly, which was attended by some 1500 students and 100 teachers! Come April 29, 2012 beginning 8am, you will have the opportunity to hold the lasertag guns and  spring into action, ready to shake the ground and stun your opponents!
Besides the laser battle, we have more than 50 stalls offering myriad of items, from games of excitement, tattoo, cosmetic services, maze games and plenty of good, tasty food.
Mark your calendar and make Sunday, April 29 your day of outing to St Michael's. Come empty handed as all that you need for the day are available at SMI!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Michaelian Inventors Win Gold Medal

The team of young Michaelian inventors with the principal and respective advisers. St Michael's continues to make headlines for outstanding performance in many areas.
Two groups of young Michaelian inventors added another feather in the cap for St Michael's at the Science and Engineering Design Exhibition(SEDEX), organized by University Teknologi Petronas. It was held from 17-18 April at its campus in Seri Iskandar.
Mr Chong with the model of the winning entry.
According to Mr Chong Weng Sung, the head adviser of our teams of inspiring inventors, SEDEX is a platform for final year UTP students to exhibit their projects. There are various categories in this exhibition and the Young Inventors Category is open to various schools in Perak as well as Junior Mara Science Colleges in the Northen Region.
St Michael's sent in two projects - "Solar Thermos Food Container”, jointly produced by  Subashan A/L Vadibeler 4S4,  Thayaabaran A/L Ravin Drakumar 4S4 and Gabriel Lee Cong Han 4S4 . Their supervisors are  Pn. Wan Norliza Bt  Abdul Raoff and Cik Seri Ayu Bt. Ahmad Noorddin. This project managed to grab the silver medal.
Mr Chong said some forty projects of high-calibre were exhibited and the projects were judged by a group of professors and lecturers from UTP. Each group was given 10 minutes to brief the respective judges of the practicality and suitability of their inventions.
The second project presented was “Automatic  Retrievable Clothes Hanger”, jointly produced by Tan Wai Keat 4S6, Tea Yean Jeck 4S4 and Chin Khang Wei 4S6. 
Mr Chong supervised the project which entails the simple usage of some sensors to ensure clothes sent out to dry are not soaked when it rains. When the sensors detect even a drop of rain, the hanger will automatically retrieve the clothes into a shaded area. When the rain drop dries up, the hanger will again be moved over to the sunlight. 
That piece of idea managed to convince a panel of judges to award the team a gold medal.
Principal Madam Loh Wei Seng said the two projects will be displayed during the "Home Coming Day" on September 28 and 29, 2012. 
Mr Chong, who teaches Physics in school, said the creative and innovative skills of our Michaelians received very encouraging comments from students and lecturers of  UTP.
Congratulations from us. Another reason for a great Centennial Celebration.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dr Hyacinth Gaudart - An Old Michaelian & Great Debater (RIP)

PETALING JAYA: Renowned English language educationist Dr Hyacinth Gaudart passed away of cancer at the age of 66.
Former student Choo Hooi Peng, who managed to say her goodbyes to Dr Gaudart, said she died at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre at 2pm yesterday.
“She was diagnosed with cancer several months ago and had been undergoing treatment there,” she said.
Dr Gaudart served at the Education Faculty in Universiti Malaya (UM) from 1978 to 2009, and is best known for her involvement in setting up the Bachelor of Education (Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)) programme at the university.
A former columnist in Sunday Star in the 1990's, Dr Gaudart was known affectionately as Dr G.
Many of her former students spoke about the impact she had made in their lives.
Haslinda Hashim said she last met Dr Gaudart at a conference where she spoke about her students and her pride in teaching.
“She was a great teacher and I learnt so much from her,” she said in a Facebook posting.
Taylor's University School of Education dean Prof Dr Malachi Edwin Vethamani said he would remember Dr Gaudart for sharing her passion for teaching and her wonderful smile.
“I have known her for over 30 years ever since she taught me in UM and we worked together in the Malaysian English Language Teaching Association,” he said.
Journalist Kang Soon Chen recalled Dr Gaudart's love for food and how she used to treat her students.
“At the end of one semester, she bought nasi lemak for my class,” she said.
UM vice-chancellor Prof Tan Sri Dr Ghauth Jasmon said Dr Gaudart was known for her contributions to TESL methodology, sociolinguistics and language policies in Malaysia.
(Courtesy of The Star)

Dr Hyacinth Gaudart (centre in 1963 after winning a debating contest. 
Note: Hyacinth Gaudart studied at St Michael's in the year 1962 and 1963 in Form Six. She stood out among the rest with her outstanding skills in debate and elocution. At the Annual Elocution Contest in 1963, on August 1, Hyacinth Gaudart was adjudged the best speaker. She also represented her class, Upper Six Arts team with Toh Jeh Nee and Rosemary Paul and emerged winners of the Literary and Historical Society Debating Contest. At another Elocution Contest organised by the Junior Chamber Of Commerce, Hyacinth Gaudart walked off with the first prize.
(Information courtesy of the Michaelian Heritage Gallery archive)
Our condolence to her family members.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Star Readers & Ipoh folks - Welcome To St Michael's , April 29, 2012

We understand that readers of the Star have been visiting us here on this blog for weeks. Thank you for the support! All of us have been very busy preparing for the Centennial Funfair & Michaelian Talentime, to run simultaneously on the same day. Both functions regarded as an exciting part of Michaelians' life in the 70s'.
The funfair used to be organised by teachers and fellow Michaelians to raise fund and during those years, excitement was the order of the day. The Brothers would go around from stalls to stalls giving encouragement to teachers and students who manned their respective businesses.
Fast forward to 2012- it is the centennial celebrations and looking at our theme , "Cherishing The Past, Embracing The Future", we thought it would be appropriate we bring back the euphoric atmosphere of yesteryears for everyone.
There will be more than 50 stalls of various activities for all. Pony rides, haunted houses, maze game, fishing game and stalls selling myriad traditional and international food. Plants and vegetables are coming in! The whole school is gearing up for the big day. Oh yes, the star attraction could be the laser tag. Note:
Laser tag is a team or individual sport or recreational activity where players attempt to score points using hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device.
Besides the Funfair, Michaelian Talentime will showcase the splendid performances by our boys and girls. There will be contemporary and traditional dances, songs and piano recital among others.
Guns used for laser tag.
There are already e-mails coming in indicating the desire to visit the heritage building of St Michael's. This is one exceptional structure marvelled by many. Come, enjoy and relax. This Funfair and Talentime cater for the entire family.
Date: April 29, 2012 (Sunday)
Time: 8am to 3pm
Venue: St Michael's Ipoh.
For enquiries and coupons:

SMI Debaters Still Rule!

The indomitable Michaelian debaters with the Rotary Cup Debate Challenge Cup.  With them are St Michael's principal Madam Loh Wei Seng and Debating Team adviser and coach Mr Rajan. 
Stay strong and true to tradition, St Michael's debaters still command respect and great stature among premier schools in Ipoh. At the recently concluded 47th Rotary Club of Ipoh Inter-Schools Debate 2012, our boys beat Tarcisian Convent students in the final.
We proposed the motion, "Satellite television would be better without advertisements".
Earlier rounds saw St Michael's thrashed old rivals Anderson School and Methodist Girls' School.
St Michael's strong and highly-charged team was Kenneth Mano, his twin brother Kevin Mano and Amardas Singh, with Bryan Cheah being reserve.
The trio argued well, with excellent composure and substance but the key to their success was their confidence in getting their points across.The best speaker went to Kenneth Mano.
In a ceremony during the morning assembly, the team was praised and congratulated by the Principal who said the victory added another feather in the cap for the Michaelian community. "This augurs well for the school as it celebrates the centennial," she said.
Note: St Michael's is sending another team for the HELP UNIVERSITY DEBATE 2012 (THE 9th National English Debate Competition: TAN SRI DATUK PADUKA DR. HAJJAH SALEHA DEBATE CUP 2012) scheduled for April 27-30, 2012. St Michael's was National Champion in 2010. The debaters are Bryan Cheah, Amardas Singh Sandu, Lucas Isaac and Kevin Mano. We thank Cikgu Suhana Basiam for her efforts in coaching the boys too.
Congratulations to all. 
"Uphold The Great Michaelian Ethos - It's Our Tradition That Keeps Us Strong".

Signing off,
Peter Khiew

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SMI Top SPM Student Inspires Fellow Michaelians

Principal Mdm Loh Wei Seng presenting a certificate to Wong
St Michael's congratulates Wong Chan Kit who scored 10A+ in his SPM last year. He was awarded a congratulatory certificate from the Education Department as one of the 42 excellent students in the state.
SMI also produced an amazing 25 students who obtained impressive results. Among them are T.Gogilan, Wong Ting Phang, Lee Khai Pan and Yoharam. Others are Loh Yoong Keat, Wong Khai Jiax, Prakash Andiappan and Phuan Soon Lee (the talented boy who played the guitar in last year's Michaelian Talentime).
In his speech during the morning assembly infront of 1,500 students and teachers, Wong attributed his success to all his teachers at St Michael's.
Wong with his father Mr Wong Cheong Tuck, and SMI principal
"Listen to the teachers, be focussed, participate actively in class and most importantly study very hard," said Wong, adding that jotting down useful and important notes is instrumental in order to excel.
He said achieving success is not a smooth journey. " I had my share of hard time and challenges. Endurance is the order of the day and most importantly, do not lose hope if you face difficulties", said Wong, who aspires to be a pharmacist.
Besides having a positive mindset, the secret of success, for Wong, is to work hard.

He ended his speech with, "Once A Michaelian, Always A Michaelian".
From us at St Michael's, congratulations.     

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Tortoise For The Pot?

Form 2 boys with a tortoise found near the classroom.
St Michael's is impressively unique. Over the years, I have come across kittens, civet cats, monitor lizards, sick birds, crabs and things unusual brought in by our boys. Lately, these adventurous boys chance upon quite a number of tortoises within the school vicinity.
In Sarawak, tortoises are common meat for the pot. They can either be used for simple stir-frying, stew or soup.
The Chinese believe, tortoise meat is very nutritious and has great culinary and medicinal value. There are many recipes for cooking tortoise meat.
In Zhe jiang , the "stewed tortoise' and "braised tortoise" are held to be first-class and nurturing dishes. Medication-wise, tortoise meat can curtail inflammation.
The tortoise shell , after being stewed in a special way can also become a first class tonic. Medical research has shown the tortoise can help to enhance the immunity system and nip the cancer cells in the bud.
Two weeks ago, three boys brought in a tortoise, quite the right size for consumption. "Get some herbs from Mr Yong Sin Wah and pay someone to slaughter it. There is an expert near Super Kinta who deals with things like civet cats and even snakes". The meat from the tortoise could easily accommodate three adults. Well, all these were just the plans!
The tortoise finally ended up at the La Salle Centre. Safe and sound.

Caring For An Icon

Workers are busy painting the school building.Works actually started last year but have to stop during weekdays for safety reasons. Workers only return during weekends. It's hard work as old paint needs to be scrapped and plants residing on top of the building need to be pulled out manually. 
To care for a heritage building like St Michael's is tedious. Maintenance, expenses and plenty of efforts. We thank the Board of Governors, PIBG and the OMA for their continuous concern and aspirations in the preservation of the ethos and culture of St Michael's. 
"Cherishing Our Past, Embracing The Future"

Friday, April 06, 2012

Reaching Out In the Spirit of Faith, Service and Community

Spirit of Service .. we live lives as true Michaelians
It was last week that our boys had the opportunity to reach out to the poor, thanks to the opportunity extended by a company which has long been associated with its ideals of reaching out to the disadvantaged. 
Our boys with executive director of Riverview, Mr Adrian Tsen
Riverview Rubber Estates Bhd has been distributing packets of rice, cooking oil and other provisions monthly to poor families living around the areas of Tanjung Tualang, Batu Gajah and Pengkalan for the past four years. 
"It's good to reach out to the poor and it was my first experience carrying out a charity work", said Bruce Lee, a Form Two student.
"I was able to see the very simple living condition of families. They are poor but they look so happy knowing that someone out there cares for them", said another boy.
"I thank Mr Adrian Tsen and his workers at Riverview. My friends and I salute their kindness and good hearts. They gave with smiling faces. As a Michaelian, I want to be like them when I start working. I was told that Mr Adrian is also a Michaelian," said Aruldass, also a Form Two boy.
From St Michael's Ipoh, our sincere thanks for the hospitality and a chance to do good.