Saturday, April 07, 2012

Tortoise For The Pot?

Form 2 boys with a tortoise found near the classroom.
St Michael's is impressively unique. Over the years, I have come across kittens, civet cats, monitor lizards, sick birds, crabs and things unusual brought in by our boys. Lately, these adventurous boys chance upon quite a number of tortoises within the school vicinity.
In Sarawak, tortoises are common meat for the pot. They can either be used for simple stir-frying, stew or soup.
The Chinese believe, tortoise meat is very nutritious and has great culinary and medicinal value. There are many recipes for cooking tortoise meat.
In Zhe jiang , the "stewed tortoise' and "braised tortoise" are held to be first-class and nurturing dishes. Medication-wise, tortoise meat can curtail inflammation.
The tortoise shell , after being stewed in a special way can also become a first class tonic. Medical research has shown the tortoise can help to enhance the immunity system and nip the cancer cells in the bud.
Two weeks ago, three boys brought in a tortoise, quite the right size for consumption. "Get some herbs from Mr Yong Sin Wah and pay someone to slaughter it. There is an expert near Super Kinta who deals with things like civet cats and even snakes". The meat from the tortoise could easily accommodate three adults. Well, all these were just the plans!
The tortoise finally ended up at the La Salle Centre. Safe and sound.

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