Sunday, April 22, 2012

Michaelian Inventors Win Gold Medal

The team of young Michaelian inventors with the principal and respective advisers. St Michael's continues to make headlines for outstanding performance in many areas.
Two groups of young Michaelian inventors added another feather in the cap for St Michael's at the Science and Engineering Design Exhibition(SEDEX), organized by University Teknologi Petronas. It was held from 17-18 April at its campus in Seri Iskandar.
Mr Chong with the model of the winning entry.
According to Mr Chong Weng Sung, the head adviser of our teams of inspiring inventors, SEDEX is a platform for final year UTP students to exhibit their projects. There are various categories in this exhibition and the Young Inventors Category is open to various schools in Perak as well as Junior Mara Science Colleges in the Northen Region.
St Michael's sent in two projects - "Solar Thermos Food Container”, jointly produced by  Subashan A/L Vadibeler 4S4,  Thayaabaran A/L Ravin Drakumar 4S4 and Gabriel Lee Cong Han 4S4 . Their supervisors are  Pn. Wan Norliza Bt  Abdul Raoff and Cik Seri Ayu Bt. Ahmad Noorddin. This project managed to grab the silver medal.
Mr Chong said some forty projects of high-calibre were exhibited and the projects were judged by a group of professors and lecturers from UTP. Each group was given 10 minutes to brief the respective judges of the practicality and suitability of their inventions.
The second project presented was “Automatic  Retrievable Clothes Hanger”, jointly produced by Tan Wai Keat 4S6, Tea Yean Jeck 4S4 and Chin Khang Wei 4S6. 
Mr Chong supervised the project which entails the simple usage of some sensors to ensure clothes sent out to dry are not soaked when it rains. When the sensors detect even a drop of rain, the hanger will automatically retrieve the clothes into a shaded area. When the rain drop dries up, the hanger will again be moved over to the sunlight. 
That piece of idea managed to convince a panel of judges to award the team a gold medal.
Principal Madam Loh Wei Seng said the two projects will be displayed during the "Home Coming Day" on September 28 and 29, 2012. 
Mr Chong, who teaches Physics in school, said the creative and innovative skills of our Michaelians received very encouraging comments from students and lecturers of  UTP.
Congratulations from us. Another reason for a great Centennial Celebration.

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