Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Season Drums & Lion Heads Have Arrived!

Wushu boys inspecting the drums after arrival. 
The arrival of eight seasons drum this afternoon was greeted with excitement by the wushu boys. Some twenty of them were already at the basketball court area when the lorry arrived with the drums. The two lorry men. on the other hand, started their journey from Kimberly Street, Penang and unloaded a few packages in Taiping before heading to SMI to deliver the goodies.
As soon as the doors were opened, the sight of the drums itself already brought a few rounds of applause among the boys! This addition brings much joy to the wushu club as they have now a collection of nine drums. 
It would be a brilliant idea to have the oldest drum donated to the Michaelian Heritage Gallery for posterity. Nevertheless. St Michael's would like to credit the generosity of SMI Alumni Klang Valley, particularly Mr Michael Lip, Mr Lee Wei Seong and their committee for making this happen.

The drums have arrived much to the joy of the Wushu boys.  
Coincidentally, the three lion heads also made their way to St Michael's about the same time as the drums - thirty minutes apart. Pictures were also taken during delivery but the images are under wraps. We want to keep the suspense until this Sunday. They are exceptionally wonderful in term of colours, quality of workmanship and design.  
Barely six months ago, we never thought what happened today was possible. The Wushu Club was making  do with just a drum and two lion heads, made possible through the generosity of Mr Joseph Michael Lee five years ago. The club made full use of what they had in so many occasions - charity events, opening ceremonies and various functions. 
A post on this blog changed all that. It managed to touch many hearts and a wave to give was generated.  Three individuals sponsored RM1000 each namely Mr Thomas Wong, Mr Andy Lim (made possible through some good words from Mr Adrian Tsen) and another anonymous donor (who finally agreed to turn up on the auspicious "eye-dotting" ceremony. That spirit of service always fascinates me! 
Other individuals who I credit are Mr Gnanasegaran, Mr Lawrence Brindes, Mr Harneak Singh, Mr Anthony Lourdes, Dr Yap Chee Seng, Mr Steven Lee, Mr Louis Rozario Doss, Mr Terry Yip and Mr Ooi Teng Kok.
We hope that the drums and lion heads bring new inspirations to the boys in their quest to continue safeguarding and preserving the rich and beautiful Chinese heritage at St Michael's.
"Cherishing The Past, Embracing The Future"

"Eye-Dotting" of Lion Heads and Officiating of Drums - April 29, 2012 at 10am. 
Come and witness how the lions come to life!

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