Thursday, April 19, 2012

SMI Debaters Still Rule!

The indomitable Michaelian debaters with the Rotary Cup Debate Challenge Cup.  With them are St Michael's principal Madam Loh Wei Seng and Debating Team adviser and coach Mr Rajan. 
Stay strong and true to tradition, St Michael's debaters still command respect and great stature among premier schools in Ipoh. At the recently concluded 47th Rotary Club of Ipoh Inter-Schools Debate 2012, our boys beat Tarcisian Convent students in the final.
We proposed the motion, "Satellite television would be better without advertisements".
Earlier rounds saw St Michael's thrashed old rivals Anderson School and Methodist Girls' School.
St Michael's strong and highly-charged team was Kenneth Mano, his twin brother Kevin Mano and Amardas Singh, with Bryan Cheah being reserve.
The trio argued well, with excellent composure and substance but the key to their success was their confidence in getting their points across.The best speaker went to Kenneth Mano.
In a ceremony during the morning assembly, the team was praised and congratulated by the Principal who said the victory added another feather in the cap for the Michaelian community. "This augurs well for the school as it celebrates the centennial," she said.
Note: St Michael's is sending another team for the HELP UNIVERSITY DEBATE 2012 (THE 9th National English Debate Competition: TAN SRI DATUK PADUKA DR. HAJJAH SALEHA DEBATE CUP 2012) scheduled for April 27-30, 2012. St Michael's was National Champion in 2010. The debaters are Bryan Cheah, Amardas Singh Sandu, Lucas Isaac and Kevin Mano. We thank Cikgu Suhana Basiam for her efforts in coaching the boys too.
Congratulations to all. 
"Uphold The Great Michaelian Ethos - It's Our Tradition That Keeps Us Strong".

Signing off,
Peter Khiew

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