Monday, May 28, 2012

MaLEC5 has started

Transforming Lasallian Schools in Malaysia…through Faith, in Service as Community.
Venue: Hotel Royal, Penang.
From: 27 to 31 May 2012.

The Overview of the Content of the Conference
Part One – Understanding the Reality of Education in Malaysia

1. To deepen our understanding of the Reality Education in Malaysia. We face today many challenges at the level of Structures and Policies. Since most Lasallian Schools in Malaysia are currently an integral part of the National Education System we need to know where we truly are, come to a common consensus as to facing and accepting our common realities and identifying priorities for the transformation of our Lasallian Schools can be a reality.
2. The presentations will be by the Boards, Parents, Heads and Teacher associated with our Lasalian Schools in Malaysia. Today's Programme
Keynote Address by Brother Anthony Rogers. 8.30 a.m.
Session One: ​
Keynote Address: Transforming Lasallian Schools in Malaysia …through Faith, in Service as Community
(Br. Anthony Rogers FSC)
Session Two
Understanding the Reality of Education in Malaysia: Challenges and Potentials

Panel Presentation on Challenges to Lasallian Education in Malaysia:
1. As members of our Boards and as a Community responsible for the Governance and Management of our Lasallian Schools how do we look at the Education of the Young today?
By Professor Francis Loh, Chairman Penang Lasallian Education Council

2. What do we see as challenges that parents face today in Malaysia. The Reality of Education and the role and responsibility of Parents in Schools and in the Public Sphere?
By Ms. Rowena Yam, PIBG St. Xavier ,Penang.

3. What are the challenges and the responsibility of School Administrators in a Lasallian School?
By Mr. Lee Bun Chuan, Principal St. Francis’ Institution Melaka

4. What are the challenges we have to face as teachers today? By Peter Khiew Wai Mun, Teacher St. Michael’s Institution, Ipoh.

Delegates from Lasalle schools in Malaysia at the conference
Bro Anthony Rogers delivering his keynote address.
St Michael's is represented by principal Madam Loh Wei Seng, Mr Christopher and the blogger.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Congratulations From Us at St Michael's

Principal Madam Loh Wei Seng will be awarded the Ahli Mahkota Perak (AMP) by Sultan Azlan Shah, Sultan of Perak this Saturday. Heartfelt congratulations from the La Salle Brothers and the Michaelian community!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day of carnival to celebrate centennial - The Star, May 11, 2012

By Ivan Loh, with pictures by Ronnie Chin 

HUNDREDS of former SMK St Michael students returned to their alma mater in support of the school’s Centennial Celebration Fun Fair and Talentime.
With over 50 stalls selling foodstuff and offering games, it was a blast of a time for everyone including students as they manned the stalls or went about peddling food items.
Some of the activities held were laser-tag matches, haunted house adventure and pony rides.
Former student Lau Meng Yong said it was a meaningful trip back to the school.
“It was a great pleasure to be back at the school where I have so many good memories of my friends here.
Observers: Some schoolboys looking at an artist painting a picture of a customer. 
"I also managed to catch up with some of my teachers and met with former Brother Director Brother Datuk Vincent Corkery,” said the 29-year-old civil engineer.
Lau, who took part in some of the games, said he and his friends had contacted each other through Facebook after hearing of the fun fair and decided to attend together.
“The last time I was at the school was two years ago when I was working with the school band on the Perak-Singapore Band Exchange Programme.
“I am equally proud to be back this time to be part of the centennial celebrations,” he added.
Another old student Choo Yoon Sam, 31, said he was hit by nostalgia as soon as he stepped into the school.
“It really brought back a lot of great memories of my days as a student here,” said the investment analyst, who made it back to the fun fair with his wife Jerrica Lim, 31, whom he met during their Sixth Form years at the school.
Choo said he had fun taking part in the games.
“It felt different to be taking part rather than be among those working to man the stalls.
First time: A young visitor riding on a pony at the fun fair.
“I was a former Boy’s Scout and used to be engrossed with my tasks during fun fairs. I didn’t have very much fun back then,” he added.
School principal Loh Wei Seng said RM114,000 were collected through coupon sales and public donations.
“The money will be used to upgrade and repair the teachers’ car park and also cracks on the walls of the school hall.
“The school band also needs money for new uniforms,” Loh said.

Centennial Fun Fair - An Amazing Outing

An occasion worth remembering - lion heads "eye-dotting" ceremony successfully performed by our benefactors
Mr Eugene Chow, Mr  Andy Lim and Mr Thomas Wong carved smiles on the face of  Wushu Club members by donating three lion heads.
Members of the SMI KL Alumni members, headed by Mr Michael Lip, symbolically hit the eight season drums they donated to the Wushu Club. pix by Cikgu Azhar 
Young Michaelians taking part in games at the myriad of booths set up during Centennial Fun-Fair
One of the many drink and food stalls set up by classes for a worthy cause. Seen here are Cikgu Sohot and his charges manning a stall selling iced Milo.
It was a great, cheerful and historic event. Congratulations all Michaelians, parents and well-wishers for your strong support. Till we meet again! In 2015?

Monday, May 21, 2012


(From left) Datuk Brother Reverend Vincent Corkery, Leong Fook Sing, Peter Lee and Ng Chin Kun.
PETALING JAYA: Memories of yesteryear flooded back for ex-St Michael primary and secondary school students and their school's ex-teachers when they attended the "Hail The Michaelian Spirit" Alumni Annual Dinner 2012 at the grand ballroom of Tropicana Golf & Country Club, here recently.
Organised by Persatuan Alumni Sekolah Saint Michael (Lembah Klang), the students felt as if the clock was turned back for one special night as they mingled with their old friends and made new ones.
Many of the students left the school to go on to become successful professionals in various fields such as engineering, medicine, law, entertainment, and so on.

(From left) Phoon Chong Chee, Lee Kem Siang, Chong Tet Fah, Stephen Ng and Brindes Lawrence.

Also spotted at the event were Patrick Teoh, former judge Tan Sri Augustine Ong, Datuk Rev Bro Vincent Corkery of St Michael school and others.
Michael Lip, president of the alumni, said besides being treated to a sumptuous dinner and lucky draw, the guests were given the opportunity to buy unique souvenirs to remember their special night.Several current staff and teachers of the school in Ipoh also joined in the fun.
Puan Sri Lily Leong Lai Han and Tan Sri Augustine Ong.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

St Michael's Boy Is Perak's Top Speller

The proud winners. Ihdhar (front, third from right) and Derek (front, second from left)  
Fifth former Ahmad Ihdhar Kamaludin clinched the state title at the NST-RHB Spell-It-Right Contest held in Ipoh Parade recently while Derek Leong Wei Jian, Form Three took home the fourth prize.
His brother Form One boy Darren Leong, who was state champion for the primary school category last year, took part for the first time under the secondary school category. He did not win this time but the confident lad told a reporter "I have four more years to go".
It's for St Michael's.... Derek and Ihdhar
Our contestants were accompanied by English teacher Pn Eswari.
Congratulation boys and thanks to an old Michaelian and PIBG committee member Mr Andrew Leong for the photographs. He is the father of both Darren and Derek. 
From St Michael's, our best wishes. The final is expected to be in July 2012. 
Derek with SIR presenter Alan Bligh, dubbed as the Voice

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Bonding Of Lasallians

While generations of ex-Michaelians are looking forward to the centenary celebrations of St Michael’s on September 29, there is an upcoming event involving other Lasallian schools in Perak, known as Brothers’ Schools namely St George’s, St Anthony’s and St Michael’s.

Chan Kok Keong, Chairman of the Regional Lasallian Education Council, announced that Founders’ Day will be celebrated on May 19 at the La Salle Centre which is located within the grounds of St Michael’s.
The dinner will be an occasion for the Principals, Board of Governors, PTA, Alumni and other stakeholders to meet for the fellowship and strengthen the bonds within the Lasallian family.
When asked to expand on the role and significance of celebration Founder’s day, Chan recalled some critical dates in the history of the Lasallian Fraternity:
The first school was founded in France more than 350 years ago by John Baptist de La Salle;
The Brothers first landed in Singapore in 1852;
The last Brother Director, Brother Paul Ho, retired from St Xavier’s Institution on June 21, 2009. Ironically, this was the first of the Lasallian schools in Asia;
A new district the Lasallian East Asia District or LEAD was formed on May 15, 2011. The Sector Head for Malaysia is Brother Anthony Rogers.
Chan characterised the work and role of the Council as being the epicentre for dissemination of the Lasallian spirit in the schools and wherever there are Lasallians.
When asked what the mission of La Salle schools is today, he said, “Our Mission is an inter-faith multi-cultural vision based on faith, service and community. We aim to educate the young people, especially, the poor and the needy. Focusing on the last, the least and the lost.”
For further details call La Salle Centre at 605-2559 220.
Source: Ipoh Echo

Another High Achiever of SMI

Meveeqhen receiving a certificate from SMI principal Mdm Loh Wei Seng
Towering third-former Meveeqhen a/l Ravi Chandran made headlines when he broke a state record set in 2007 in the shot putt event at the state-level sports meet recently. 
Discovered his talent only last year during preparations for the school sports day, Meveeqhen said he was amazed with himself for being able to throw the putt so far, beating even the bigger boys.
"I did not expect to win the gold medal but I am proud to get some points for my house Augustus", said the 6.2 feet well-mannered boy who knows how to juggle between his studies and involvement in sports.
He went on to represent St Michael's in the district level and broke its earlier record of 12.58m, setting a new one at 12.75m. Meveeqhen then went on to break the state record (13.72m), throwing an amazing distance of 13.79m.
To keep fit and well-toned, he works out at a gym two hours daily."To excel in this event, I need to do plenty of weight training and technique practice", said Meveeqhen, who currently undergoes centralised training in the stadium.
He attributes his achievement to his parents and coaches.     
"I would like to dedicate the gold medal I won at the state-level to St Michael's. This came at the right time when the school is celebrating its centennial," said Meveeqhen.
The national-level MSSM Perlis will be from May 22 to 26. We wish him all the best and success in his quest to make the state and school proud.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Merging of St Michael's Primary One and Two - It's Time

The Star - Sunday May 6, 2012 
SK St Michael 1 and 2. Hopes are high to merge the two to become SK St Michael, Ipoh. 
Please merge our two schools (NST, May 2, 2012) By Joseph Michael Lee 

AS a parent-teacher association committee chairman, I was delighted to read the education minister's advice to parents to be involved in their children's schooling.
I want to draw attention to the problem faced by SK St Michael's, One and Two, Ipoh.
These two primary schools operate in one school building with each school operating in either the morning or afternoon session for half of the academic year.
Operating in the afternoon session is not conducive to the pupils because of the heat. To address this situation, the board of governors of St Michael's set out to build a new school building in 2006. The funds to build this building came entirely from private donors comprising former pupils, parents, PTAs and the Old Michaelians Association.
The new building was completed in one year and was ready for use in 2008 so that all the students from both primary schools can enjoy a morning school environment. The new building was designed to accommodate all of the students in one session.
When the new building was ready, the board of governors informed the Education Ministry of its intention to merge the two primary schools into one single session school in 2008.
The board and the PTA met the Perak Education Department, which advised us as to the requirements of the ministry and we complied with all of them.
We were notified by the Perak education director that the state Education Department had approved our move to merge the two schools and that it had forwarded our request to the Planning Department of the ministry.
Until today, the pupils of SK St Michael's One and Two still share one building and have to spend half a year in an afternoon session.
The director-general of education, Datuk Seri Abdul Ghafar Mahmud, commented that PTAs were instrumental in creating a more cheerful learning environment in schools. The PTA of St Michael's is appealing to him to make our primary school a single session school.
We have built a new building by ourselves and only need the government to merge our two schools. We hope that the ministry will help us parents provide quality education to our children.

Note: Mr Joseph Michael Lee, JP is appointed by the Board of Governors of St Michael's Institution, Ipoh to oversee the merging process. He also sits on the Board and currently holds the post of PIBG Chairman of St Michael's secondary school.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Brotherly Care

True to the Michaelian spirit which advocates care and empathy, old Michaelians passed the hat around and managed to pool a substantial amount of money to help out OMA secretary Mr Harneak Singh. On February 24, 2012, he lost his laptop, credit cards, camera and cash when his car side window was smashed when we were having dinner after the monthly OMA meeting.

Smashed side window discovered around 10.30pm
It was a harrowing experience for Harneak as the hard disk in his laptop contained years of collections on things St Michael's, research on its history and images of old photographs dated back to the 20s'. His credit cards were also used by the unscrupulous individuals for some transactions. He went home after lodging a police report, way past midnight. All of us shared his lost.
Harneak calling the police.
Harneak, class of 80, is one steely Michaelian. Others might take a few days to pick up the pieces again or wallowing in sadness. Harneak is not. The next morning, using his daughter's laptop, he was already at the La Salle Centre, doing what he did 20 years ago. Gathering facts, information and data. Starting from scratch again.
"He's ain't heavy. He's my brother". A Michaelian family consisting Brother Matthew, Mr Adrian Tsen, Mr  Michael Joseph Lee,  SMI principal Mdm Loh Wei Seng and fellow Michaelians! A strong show of support.
On April 27, we did what we supposed to do. Harneak was a happy man that evening. Michaelians should always be caring. Yes, we live lives as Michaelians.
Note: Harneak Singh still faithfully does his research at the La Salle Centre until today.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Coming Up...

1. Good news! Instead of the earlier 200 tables decided for the OMA Dinner, we are now accommodating 300 tables as demand is just overwhelming. Details, on your right.
2. St Michael's is sending a Form Five boy to represent the state for the Spell-It-Right competition organised by the NST and RHB Bank.
3. Fun-Fair and Talentime concluded in a very positive note. Pictures and story soon.
4. Centennial Drama, "Jean Baptiste- The Lost Chronicles" will be next on the list of happenings. Mark your calendar - July 6 and 7, 2012. Booking can be done soon as a dedicated e-mail has been set up to take order. Price, which comes with a specially-designed souvenir folder, is RM20 onwards. Only for this centennial celebration. Director: Master Timothy Chee, with OMA president Mr Adrian Tsen as patron. This is a play not to be missed! e-mail:

All these and more, next on