Sunday, May 06, 2012

Brotherly Care

True to the Michaelian spirit which advocates care and empathy, old Michaelians passed the hat around and managed to pool a substantial amount of money to help out OMA secretary Mr Harneak Singh. On February 24, 2012, he lost his laptop, credit cards, camera and cash when his car side window was smashed when we were having dinner after the monthly OMA meeting.

Smashed side window discovered around 10.30pm
It was a harrowing experience for Harneak as the hard disk in his laptop contained years of collections on things St Michael's, research on its history and images of old photographs dated back to the 20s'. His credit cards were also used by the unscrupulous individuals for some transactions. He went home after lodging a police report, way past midnight. All of us shared his lost.
Harneak calling the police.
Harneak, class of 80, is one steely Michaelian. Others might take a few days to pick up the pieces again or wallowing in sadness. Harneak is not. The next morning, using his daughter's laptop, he was already at the La Salle Centre, doing what he did 20 years ago. Gathering facts, information and data. Starting from scratch again.
"He's ain't heavy. He's my brother". A Michaelian family consisting Brother Matthew, Mr Adrian Tsen, Mr  Michael Joseph Lee,  SMI principal Mdm Loh Wei Seng and fellow Michaelians! A strong show of support.
On April 27, we did what we supposed to do. Harneak was a happy man that evening. Michaelians should always be caring. Yes, we live lives as Michaelians.
Note: Harneak Singh still faithfully does his research at the La Salle Centre until today.

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