Monday, May 28, 2012

MaLEC5 has started

Transforming Lasallian Schools in Malaysia…through Faith, in Service as Community.
Venue: Hotel Royal, Penang.
From: 27 to 31 May 2012.

The Overview of the Content of the Conference
Part One – Understanding the Reality of Education in Malaysia

1. To deepen our understanding of the Reality Education in Malaysia. We face today many challenges at the level of Structures and Policies. Since most Lasallian Schools in Malaysia are currently an integral part of the National Education System we need to know where we truly are, come to a common consensus as to facing and accepting our common realities and identifying priorities for the transformation of our Lasallian Schools can be a reality.
2. The presentations will be by the Boards, Parents, Heads and Teacher associated with our Lasalian Schools in Malaysia. Today's Programme
Keynote Address by Brother Anthony Rogers. 8.30 a.m.
Session One: ​
Keynote Address: Transforming Lasallian Schools in Malaysia …through Faith, in Service as Community
(Br. Anthony Rogers FSC)
Session Two
Understanding the Reality of Education in Malaysia: Challenges and Potentials

Panel Presentation on Challenges to Lasallian Education in Malaysia:
1. As members of our Boards and as a Community responsible for the Governance and Management of our Lasallian Schools how do we look at the Education of the Young today?
By Professor Francis Loh, Chairman Penang Lasallian Education Council

2. What do we see as challenges that parents face today in Malaysia. The Reality of Education and the role and responsibility of Parents in Schools and in the Public Sphere?
By Ms. Rowena Yam, PIBG St. Xavier ,Penang.

3. What are the challenges and the responsibility of School Administrators in a Lasallian School?
By Mr. Lee Bun Chuan, Principal St. Francis’ Institution Melaka

4. What are the challenges we have to face as teachers today? By Peter Khiew Wai Mun, Teacher St. Michael’s Institution, Ipoh.

Delegates from Lasalle schools in Malaysia at the conference
Bro Anthony Rogers delivering his keynote address.
St Michael's is represented by principal Madam Loh Wei Seng, Mr Christopher and the blogger.

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