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Merging of St Michael's Primary One and Two - It's Time

The Star - Sunday May 6, 2012 
SK St Michael 1 and 2. Hopes are high to merge the two to become SK St Michael, Ipoh. 
Please merge our two schools (NST, May 2, 2012) By Joseph Michael Lee 

AS a parent-teacher association committee chairman, I was delighted to read the education minister's advice to parents to be involved in their children's schooling.
I want to draw attention to the problem faced by SK St Michael's, One and Two, Ipoh.
These two primary schools operate in one school building with each school operating in either the morning or afternoon session for half of the academic year.
Operating in the afternoon session is not conducive to the pupils because of the heat. To address this situation, the board of governors of St Michael's set out to build a new school building in 2006. The funds to build this building came entirely from private donors comprising former pupils, parents, PTAs and the Old Michaelians Association.
The new building was completed in one year and was ready for use in 2008 so that all the students from both primary schools can enjoy a morning school environment. The new building was designed to accommodate all of the students in one session.
When the new building was ready, the board of governors informed the Education Ministry of its intention to merge the two primary schools into one single session school in 2008.
The board and the PTA met the Perak Education Department, which advised us as to the requirements of the ministry and we complied with all of them.
We were notified by the Perak education director that the state Education Department had approved our move to merge the two schools and that it had forwarded our request to the Planning Department of the ministry.
Until today, the pupils of SK St Michael's One and Two still share one building and have to spend half a year in an afternoon session.
The director-general of education, Datuk Seri Abdul Ghafar Mahmud, commented that PTAs were instrumental in creating a more cheerful learning environment in schools. The PTA of St Michael's is appealing to him to make our primary school a single session school.
We have built a new building by ourselves and only need the government to merge our two schools. We hope that the ministry will help us parents provide quality education to our children.

Note: Mr Joseph Michael Lee, JP is appointed by the Board of Governors of St Michael's Institution, Ipoh to oversee the merging process. He also sits on the Board and currently holds the post of PIBG Chairman of St Michael's secondary school.

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Ken Wooi said...

Those were the days in primary school when it's just time to change session without thinking why or what. To reflect back, it was quite interesting to have different sessions swapping at the middle of the year, it was fun - well, I was just a kid. :)

Perhaps due to the Global Warming, the heat during the afternoon has worsen throughout the years. I was in Std 6 in 2000, 12 years ago - it should be slightly cooler back then. :)

Wei Ken, 5Sc1 2005