Saturday, July 28, 2012

In Memory of Master Noel Oliveiro

Rest In Peace - The values, inspiring words and encouraging advice imparted to all of us, we thank you. 
Master Noel Oliveiro passed away on Friday, July 27, 2012. Wake is at 96, Jalan Chow Kai, Canning Garden, Ipoh. Church Service and funeral thereafter will be at St Michael's Church, Ipoh on Monday, July 30 at 2pm.
For details, call 05- 5453131.
Our condolence to Mr Noel's family members. May his soul rest in peace.

From us, 
The community of St Michael's Institution, Ipoh.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Happenings Told In Images

Pater Familias continues to serve our fellow Michaelians
Another mystery at SMI --The gate that leads to the tunnel?
Flower Arrangement Competition before St Michael's Speech Day. This has been a tradition at SMI. The first Flower  Arrangement Competition was held in 1968 and it is being held without fail every year.  
OMA president Adrian Tsen with war historian Mr Chye Kooi Loong at the recently concluded  Commemoration  of the 70th British Battalion at St Michael's Ipoh.
Carrom is back at St Michael's. Hope this and other games can replace the digitalised games young people go for today.
Mere hardwork... our scouts are hardworking and dedicated.
Old boys paying a visit to the alma mater. Finance Minister II lookalike is second from left. 
A visit to St Michael's primary school. The blogger was so impressed with how pupils mingle with one another, sharing food and drink without any inhibition. That's the spirit we should adopt.
Ang Weng Peng as "Chinggachgook" in St Michael's Centennial Drama, "Jean Baptiste: The Lost Chronicles"
Headmasters En Husni and En Hamid and their respective senior assistants attending the  Regional Lasallian Education Council. With them is Brother Vincent Corkery.

Perak Heritage Society paying a visit to the Michaelian Heritage Gallery. The president En Mohd Taib Mohamed gave the thumbs up to our achievements and accolades.

Poster Designing Competition winners with their Arts Adviser En Ibrahim.

Keep the Michaelian spirit strong!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Centennial Speech Day of St Michael's - July 12, 2012

Mr Joseph Michael Lee (in suit) being welcomed the traditional way
Speech Day, just like all schools and institutions at St Michael's is held every year but the year 2012 renders a very special meaning to the Michaelian community. It's the year Michaelians far and near celebrate our 100 years.  
The Centennial Celebration was launched last year (April 8, 2011) by Brother Vincent Corkery. It was also the day three main events were carried out! The distribution of the "Michaelian Spirit" booklets, officiating of the La Salle Auditorium (formerly Lecture Theatre) and the dedication of the Michaelian Heritage Gallery.
Mr Joseph Michael Lee, accompanied by principal Mdm Loh Wei Seng, inspecting the guard of honour mounted St Michael's uniformed units
On February 24, it was Happy Birthday St Michael's and Cake Cutting Ceremony which was graced by our very illustrious Michaelian, Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian.
The Centennial Sports Day was officiated by our OMA strongman Mr Adrian Tsen on June 30, 2012 and to keep to our pledge in having only old boys for our alma mater's Centennial official functions, another notable Michaelian Mr Joseph Michael Lee, as PIBG chairman fits the bill for this year's Centennial Speech Day.
We thank all of them to make the occasions so special for the present batch of Michaelians!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

KLK's boss Tan Sri Lee hailed as a true-blue planter

KLK boss Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian is hailed as a true-blue planter by many of his peers in the palm oil industry.
Industry leader: Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian, the CEO of plantation giant Kuala Lumpur Kepong Bhd (KLK), is this year’s recipient of the Palm Oil Industry Leadership Award.

MALAYSIA, as the world's authority on palm oil from R&D, agro technical services to superior planting materials, is now held as a reference point by developing nations that are keen to plant oil palm as a means to eradicate poverty and raise the income of their smallholders.

The Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) and the industry players plantation companies, refiners, traders, exporters have been instrumental in the country's success as the world's second-largest producer and exporter of palm oil after Indonesia.
“We, the industry people, are all friends helping to build up the palm oil industry together with the Government. The past and current MPOC members have acted as a strong team that contributes to the industry (which in turn) helps to boost the country's economy,” says Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian, the chief executive officer of plantation giant Kuala Lumpur Kepong Bhd (KLK)
Lee is this year's recipient of the Palm Oil Industry Leadership Award. He received the award at a dinner hosted by the MPOC at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Kuala Lumpur last night, which was attended by Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Tan Sri Bernard Dompok.
The importance of the palm oil industry has led to the MPOC creating the Palm Oil Industry Leadership Award to recognise outstanding individuals for their leadership efforts and qualities in this sector.
Lee says credit must also be given to pioneers of the industry: former Primary Industries minister Tun Lim Keng Yaik, former Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia (Porim) director-general Tan Sri Dr Augustine Ong Soon Hock, the late oil palm king Tan Sri B. Bek-Nielsen of United Plantations Bhd, the late Toh Pang Huat who was chairman of the Palm Oil Refiners Association, former Felda chairman Raja Tan Sri Muhammad Alias Raja Muhammad Ali, and the current MPOC chief executive officer Tan Sri Dr Yusof Basiron. Lim, Alias and Ong received the same award in 2008, 2009 and 2011 respectively.
The global push for palm oil has become increasingly challenging since the 1980s when the oil palm sector had to debunk misinformation by the American Soybean Association that palm oil is high in cholesterol and bad for health, says Lee.
“The Government via the MPOB together with the Malaysian Palm Oil Promotion Council (MPOPC) then (before its name change to MPOC in 2010) as well as the industry players collaborated to strengthen the sector on many fronts,” he says.
Starting from marketing and promotional work in the 1980s, the group went on to deal with issues such as tax discrimation, trade barriers, new export markets, the introduction of the Palm Oil Credit and Payment Arrangement (POCPA) to countries without funds to buy palm oil, the setting up MPOB's Technical Advisory Services offices overseas, and, holding international conferences and seminars to educate the public on the benefits of palm oil.
The MPOC, in a statement, lauded Lee for his commitment and sacrifices serving in various positions in the plantation sector despite his busy involvement in managing KLK, one of the country's top plantation groups. Lee was MPOPC chairman from 1996-2009, Malaysian Estate Owners Association president from 1986-1990, and member of the Malaysian Palm Oil Growers Council, the Malaysian Palm Oil Board and the Malaysian Cocoa Board from 1993-1997. Described as a true-blue planter by many of his peers in the industry, Lee is the eldest son of the late Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng who brought KLK Group from Britain to Malaysia in the early 1970s.
Lee's passion for agriculture started from childhood. As a young boy, he would tag along when his father visited the estates. After graduating from University of Malaya with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (First Class Honours) degree in 1974, Lee joined KLK as an executive in the marketing division for a year before furthering his studies at the Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts. There, he obtained his Masters in Business Administra-tion in 1977.
Lee returned to KLK in 1979 to head the production control division. He was appointed to the board of directors of KLK in 1985, and made the managing director in 1988. Following the passing of his father in 1993, he was appointed chairman and chief executive officer of KLK.
Being an advocator of good business ethics and best practices in corporate governance, Lee relinquished his role as chairman in 2008 but remains as CEO of KLK till today.
Under Lee's stewardship, coupled with the solid foundation laid down by his late father, KLK is today regarded by the corporate world as a blue chip company with a reputation for sturdy management and strong earnings, with interest in various industries all over the world.  (The Star)

Note: Tan Sri is an old Michaelian from the Class of 1969 (Form Six). Congratulations Tan Sri from us at St Michael's. We are greatly inspired by your achievement.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Scholarship From Ken Foundation

Michaelians can try applying. Thanks Brother Matthew for forwarding this over.

KEN FOUNDATION was formed in 1995 as a charitable foundation with the objective of providing financial assistance to deserving Malaysian students.
We believe that a sound educational background is the root to a nation’s success, and we are committed to fulfilling this goal by offering scholarships to as many deserving Malaysian students as we can. 
Our policy does not seek academic excellence but is most concerned in assisting needy and able Malaysian students. By helping these students, we believe we could groom even more capable Malaysians for the future and offer them greater options in life.
Applications close July 16th, 2012. For more information, and details of the scholarship email us
Yours faithfully,
No 6 Jalan Datuk Sulaiman
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 - 7727 9933
Fax: 03 - 7728 8246

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Centennial Sports - Another Milestone, Another Accolade

It was definitely another remarkable event at St Michael's. The sports day was the 85th being celebrated and as such should be honoured and accorded a diamond or sapphire that day! St Michael's has come a long way since we had our first Sports Day in 1927 and looking back, we pride ourselves for producing quite an astonishing number of sports heroes excelling in hockey, football, badminton, rugby, cricket and track events.
Guest-of-honour was Mr Adrian Tsen, president of OMA but honoured guests who turned up that day were equally impressive. The complete echelon of the Michaelian fraternity made the occasion, well, very Michaelian!
Such vibrancy.. from right Mr Balasubramaniam (former principal of SMI), Madam Loh Wei Seng, principal, OMA president Mr Adrian Tsen, Dato' Brother Vincent and Mr Michael Joseph Lee (PIBG head)

Students of Form 5 Science 5 ..highly charged
Boys from 5Science 6 -- highly dynamic 

Oath taking by our sportsman of the year Meveeqhen

From left ( Mr Thomas Wong, Mr Anthony Lourdes, former principal Mr Teh Chor Aun,  Mr Gnana,  Mr Yong Sin Wah and Mr Andrew Leong)

Former teachers and strong supporters of St Michael's.

Starting off the tug-of-war by Mr Adrian Tsen
In attendance were Brother Vincent (representing the Lasallian Brothers), Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian (Board of Governors), Mr Joseph Michael Lee (PIBG), old boys, parents, teachers and students. A complete Lasallian family!

Shot Of The Month - Sons of St Michael's Valiant & True...
Proud to be Michaelians!!

Wreath Laying Ceremony At God's Little Acre, Batu Gajah.

Brother Vincent Corkery laying a wreath in memory of planter Mr George Huntsman, Buluh Akar Estate, Parit, Perak. (The Strait Times, Singapore, January 2, 1947)

The Anglican Community in Batu Gajah was founded in 1885. When a church building was proposed, Sultan Idris granted to the Bishop of Singapore, a land rent-free for worship and for burial. 
Establishing friendship... fellowship after the ceremony
A permanent church building, The Holy Trinity, was erected in 1895. The burial ground in the adjacent plot was to become “God’s Little Acre” – where planters, miners, police and the military who lost their lives during the Malayan Emergency from 1948 -1960, were buried.
Every year, on the Saturday before 16th June, there would be a wreath laying ceremony organized in remembrance of the killing of 3 planters ( Allison, Christian & Walter) and those who gave their lives during the Malayan Emergency. 
Currently, the plot is managed by the Malaysian Palm Oil Association (MPOA Perak).
The first Remembrance Ceremony for 116 fallen planters, miners, police and Commonwealth Army personnel (includes two Ibans) was a special event organized on 10th April 1980 by Dato' R. Thambipillay in conjunction with Police Week celebrations (in April each year) with the approval of the then CPO Perak Deputy Commissioner of Police Yuen Yuet Leng. He continued to organize this in 1981, 1982 and 1983 (total of 4 years) in his capacity as OCPD Batu Gajah.

A shot for the album ...fellow planters and war heroes.  Mr Adrian Tsen (right) represented his company, Riverview Rubber Estates, to lay a wreath in memory of Charles Alma Baker, a planter, competent surveyor and miner from New Zealand. 

Monday, July 09, 2012

Happenings Told In Images - St Michael's 100

Teachers' Day Celebration At SMI. Our guests that day were Dato' Brother Vincent Corkery and Mr Joseph Michael Lee (far left). From left are senior assistants En Ahmad Kemunchak (Admin), En Rajendran (Students Affairs), Pn Normah (Co-curricular) and Pn Tan (Form Six).  
Teachers having a good time during Teachers' Day. 
Fifth former Ahmad Ihdhar (centre) is state champion for Spell-It-Right, a spelling contest organised by NST and RHB Bank. With him are teacher adviser Pn Eswari and Derek Leong (fourth placing) this year. Ihdhar will be representing Perak this weekend.  
Professor Dr Francis Morsingh signing the Visitors' book. He was  part of the entourage from KL Alumni who joined St Michael's Centennial FunFair and Talentime in April 2012. Dr Francis is the eldest son of SMI's first headmaster, Mr PJ Morsingh. 
Night Outing For Some Coconuts- At Jalan Larut, Penang during the sideline of the 5th Malaysian Lasallian Educators Conference, May 27-31, 2012. From right is Mr Joseph Lau (St George's Old Boys, president, Brother Michael Kum, Mr James Koay (St Xavier's, Penang) and the blogger.
Centennial Campfire organised by St Michael's 02 Kinta Scouts. It attracted some 450 scouts and guides from schools within the state. 
Enthusiastic scouts, young and old, look highly charged. It was a job well done by all involved.  
St Michael's will continue to march forward even stronger in our quest to be the best in all we do. Have a heart for the last, the lost and the least, treat all equally and have faith in being Michaelians! That's Who We Are!

St Michael's Iconic Tradition

Jean-Baptiste; The Lost Chronicles
A scene from the play - a wonderful showcase of amazing acting by fellow Michaelians.
pix by Alex Morris  
For the first time in St Michael's tradition in performing arts, it was a play about John Baptist De La Salle. Michaelians, young and old, turned up to watch the Lasallian legend in action.
"Jean-Baptiste; The Lost Chronicles" aptly showcases the struggle of our founder to build the first school in 1685. La Salle was a pedagogical thinker of note and is among the founders of a distinctively modern pedagogy, which amazingly includes an element catering for the last, the lost and the least. Currently, about 6,000 Brothers and 75,000 lay and religious colleagues worldwide serve as teachers, counselors, and guides to 900,000 students in over 1,000 educational institutions in 84 countries.
We thank Master Timothy Chee for directing the play, the Old Michaelians Association, particularly its president Mr Adrian Tsen for producing the play and Dato' Brother Vincent Corkery for his advice and encouragement.
I must mention the many teachers, old boys and current Michaelians who turned up for the two evenings. Thank you and see all of you again next year.
Signing off,
Peter Khiew

Monday, July 02, 2012

Formation Of the British Battalion - 70 years ago at SMI

Coming Together For A Common Good ... OMA president Mr Adrian Tsen and HE Simon Featherstone 
The Historic Visit Of The British High Commissioner To St Michael's. 

Unveiling Of The Plaque
The blogger wishes to thank Mr Alex Morris, a Michaelian, for kindly allowing all his excellent shots to be used on this blog.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

OMA Centennial Dinner

Thank you for the very strong support towards the centennial dinner which holds the record of being the largest ever held at St Michael's Ipoh. With 300 tables and 3000 fellow Michaelians congregate at the school field, the experience would be euphoric.
The deadline for payment was yesterday, June 30, 2012.
Those who have paid up will be notified soon on how we can pass the dinner tickets to you via the coordinators. So wait for the updates on this blog.
A new list will be sent to me by Mr Eugene Chow after which it will be posted here.
Thank you again. Cheers and warm regards from us at St Michael's Ipoh.
Best wishes,
Peter Khiew