Monday, July 09, 2012

Happenings Told In Images - St Michael's 100

Teachers' Day Celebration At SMI. Our guests that day were Dato' Brother Vincent Corkery and Mr Joseph Michael Lee (far left). From left are senior assistants En Ahmad Kemunchak (Admin), En Rajendran (Students Affairs), Pn Normah (Co-curricular) and Pn Tan (Form Six).  
Teachers having a good time during Teachers' Day. 
Fifth former Ahmad Ihdhar (centre) is state champion for Spell-It-Right, a spelling contest organised by NST and RHB Bank. With him are teacher adviser Pn Eswari and Derek Leong (fourth placing) this year. Ihdhar will be representing Perak this weekend.  
Professor Dr Francis Morsingh signing the Visitors' book. He was  part of the entourage from KL Alumni who joined St Michael's Centennial FunFair and Talentime in April 2012. Dr Francis is the eldest son of SMI's first headmaster, Mr PJ Morsingh. 
Night Outing For Some Coconuts- At Jalan Larut, Penang during the sideline of the 5th Malaysian Lasallian Educators Conference, May 27-31, 2012. From right is Mr Joseph Lau (St George's Old Boys, president, Brother Michael Kum, Mr James Koay (St Xavier's, Penang) and the blogger.
Centennial Campfire organised by St Michael's 02 Kinta Scouts. It attracted some 450 scouts and guides from schools within the state. 
Enthusiastic scouts, young and old, look highly charged. It was a job well done by all involved.  
St Michael's will continue to march forward even stronger in our quest to be the best in all we do. Have a heart for the last, the lost and the least, treat all equally and have faith in being Michaelians! That's Who We Are!


Anonymous said...

Warmest Congratulations to St. Micheal's 100.

Alongside with friends from other mission schools of this nation, sharing the same spirit of love, color blind - utmost sincere lifetime friendship, excellence in academic or/ and sports and commitment in serving humanity, be it through our career, deeds or words or all in, alongside St. Michael's Institution, Ipoh.

In gratitude, on their behalf, i would like to humbly share some insights with St. Michael's Institution, Ipoh in regards to the following :

1. A merge of inter-class, inter-form, secondary school and primary school students through meaningful camaraderie sports, academic research,
fresh innovative and healthy activities and community services which will inculcate natural caring, sharing and teamwork - essential to be employable and successful in the workforce.

2. In the U.S and the U.K, today, many families are facing insurmountable pressure, the grey area on how to raise boys, ( many of them have long realized that it is time, boys are raised - proud to be young responsible men, strong, athletic, courageous but the bonus is, with sensitiveness, including clear conscience and the ability to lead, many will learn skills to work as a team and to support their fair counterpart. Working side by side, with mutual respect from a young age in schools.

3. Likewise, girls will learn in the same scenario in the suggested meaningful activities, learning, making contributions, some as leaders, but without being bossy, many as supportive partners in making any teamwork in schools, in the future workforce, their future endeavors more successful and united for self- enhancement and nation building.

Anonymous said...

4.As my nephews and nieces were educated in international schools in a few nations; now, they are in foreign universities, they quietly display such niceness of character, great sense of responsibility and accountability through participating in the activities as suggested, with support from their loving adults, dedicated teachers and the nearest communities. Many of our students abroad, displayed such fine characteristics in the past, even now, will definitely continue to do so in the future abroad.

Hence, alongside with fellow Malaysians and my good friends, I am very proud of St. Michaelians of having such fine character, too. Thousands more, and more efforts could be birthed.

5. The nearest communities will be seniors of St. Micheal's Institutions who could take turns to coach sports activities, to share their priceless life experiences, to teach EQ skills and responsibilities, sensitiveness of cultures, multi- cultures in fun and meaningful activities to their beloved charges, thereby synchronizing a merge of camaraderie between them, eliminating generation gap, to enhance mutual understanding and love, bearing in mind, an ageing population is not many years ahead.

6. It is through direct involvement, young talents, ( in the fondest memory of the epiphanous Paul Ponnudorai ) could be discovered early, nurtured, be given the financial support and encouragement to achieve their dreams at the same time, working alongside fellow students and friends at schools. And through these activities, students will understand and relate better to their brothers and sisters ( if any ), parents, the elderly and their friends from multi- ethnic background.