Friday, July 27, 2012

Happenings Told In Images

Pater Familias continues to serve our fellow Michaelians
Another mystery at SMI --The gate that leads to the tunnel?
Flower Arrangement Competition before St Michael's Speech Day. This has been a tradition at SMI. The first Flower  Arrangement Competition was held in 1968 and it is being held without fail every year.  
OMA president Adrian Tsen with war historian Mr Chye Kooi Loong at the recently concluded  Commemoration  of the 70th British Battalion at St Michael's Ipoh.
Carrom is back at St Michael's. Hope this and other games can replace the digitalised games young people go for today.
Mere hardwork... our scouts are hardworking and dedicated.
Old boys paying a visit to the alma mater. Finance Minister II lookalike is second from left. 
A visit to St Michael's primary school. The blogger was so impressed with how pupils mingle with one another, sharing food and drink without any inhibition. That's the spirit we should adopt.
Ang Weng Peng as "Chinggachgook" in St Michael's Centennial Drama, "Jean Baptiste: The Lost Chronicles"
Headmasters En Husni and En Hamid and their respective senior assistants attending the  Regional Lasallian Education Council. With them is Brother Vincent Corkery.

Perak Heritage Society paying a visit to the Michaelian Heritage Gallery. The president En Mohd Taib Mohamed gave the thumbs up to our achievements and accolades.

Poster Designing Competition winners with their Arts Adviser En Ibrahim.

Keep the Michaelian spirit strong!

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pfoo said...

In picture 10(Bro Vincent with headmasters Encik Husni and Encik Hamid)-is it Cikgu Abdul Hamid? From Kelantan? 1990 guru kelas for 6 Hijau?