Monday, July 09, 2012

St Michael's Iconic Tradition

Jean-Baptiste; The Lost Chronicles
A scene from the play - a wonderful showcase of amazing acting by fellow Michaelians.
pix by Alex Morris  
For the first time in St Michael's tradition in performing arts, it was a play about John Baptist De La Salle. Michaelians, young and old, turned up to watch the Lasallian legend in action.
"Jean-Baptiste; The Lost Chronicles" aptly showcases the struggle of our founder to build the first school in 1685. La Salle was a pedagogical thinker of note and is among the founders of a distinctively modern pedagogy, which amazingly includes an element catering for the last, the lost and the least. Currently, about 6,000 Brothers and 75,000 lay and religious colleagues worldwide serve as teachers, counselors, and guides to 900,000 students in over 1,000 educational institutions in 84 countries.
We thank Master Timothy Chee for directing the play, the Old Michaelians Association, particularly its president Mr Adrian Tsen for producing the play and Dato' Brother Vincent Corkery for his advice and encouragement.
I must mention the many teachers, old boys and current Michaelians who turned up for the two evenings. Thank you and see all of you again next year.
Signing off,
Peter Khiew

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