Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photographs Of Yesteryear - Share With Us

A Scene From An SMI play performed some 60 years ago. Pix courtesy of Old Michaelian Lee Pooi Ngan
Another Image of young Michaelians. Where are these students now? Please let us know.
This will be Michaelians biggest gathering. This will also be an opportune time to share with us possession of old photographs by old Michaelians. The pictures of yesteryear could be ones that were taken with our Brothers, during Sports Day, recess time at the tuck shop, moments with friends on the school bus or simply shots that were taken in the classroom. 
We need the photographs for documentation and posterity purposes. The images are important as to allow us to trace many historical moments we might have overlooked. For this purpose, we are setting up a mini secretariat at the school foyer to scan the photographs (will return the original copies to you), acknowledge the owners and at the same time, ask a few questions about your years at St Michael's.
Those manning the secretariat are Mr Harneak Singh and Mr Thomas Wong.

Cheers from us at SMI.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Program For Saturday 29/9/2012

St Michael's Institution extends a very warm welcome to all Michaelians. It's a wonderful home-coming and a walk down memory lane. Some have not been back for 20 years, some as long as 40 years and there are some who have actually never left St Michael's. Nevertheless, it's still a visit worth making. The blogger, together with the administrative members of the school, the teaching community and all present Michaelians, are honoured to welcome home so many old boys to the alma mater. My special mention to our visiting La Salle Brothers who will join us in Ipoh specially for OMA-organised, "Centennial Dinner". We welcome Brother Visitor Edmundo Fernandez, Brother Thomas Lavin, Brother Anthony Rogers, Brother Ambrose Loke and many other Brothers who are joining in and be part of the great Michaelian celebration! 
Old boys- the very old, the middle-aged and the younger ones- all totalling more than 3000, are going to paint the school red, in our case, green!

The Program For The Day, September 29, 2012 starting 9am

Venue: Parlour/Main Hall - Kiosks selling Centennial Items (tote bags, ball pens, bookmarks, button badges and many, many more), Centennial T-shirts (RM50 each, a pair comes at RM80), Drama T-Shirts (RM20), Valiant & True books (RM25).

Venue: Main Hall (9am-1pm) - Centennial Exhibition/Showcase - Michaelian Military Band, St John Ambulance, Cadet Corps, Michaelian Chinese Orchestra, Science Projects (Winning Entries) & Junior Cadets.

Venue: Scout Den (9am - 1pm) - Open to all. Special Display of Scouting Skills, See how towers are built, gadgets, trophies, shields, etc

Venue: School Chapel (10.30am)- Michaelian Centennial Eucharistic Celebration.  Celebrated by Rt Reverend Sebastian Francis Bishop, Diocese of Penang. 

Venue: School Field - 7.30pm CENTENNIAL DINNER

For details about the program and dinner, e-mail peterkhiew@yahoo.com

Below are some numbers for your convenience:
a. Ipoh Taxi       05-2534188
b. Police            05- 2451500
c. Train              05-2540481
d. St Michael's   05-2540418

Will post more if needs arise.

Best wishes and cheers! 

Peter Khiew

Thursday, September 20, 2012

St Michael's Is Getting Busier...& a map

A map which might be of help. Click image to enlarge or print
St Michael's is currently as busy as a bee. Preparations are ongoing at full swing for the Centennial Dinner. Workers from the company supplying the tents and canopies have started work. Students, on the other hand, are watching from afar,  anticipating the excitement that goes with the centennial do which St Michael's has been organising throughout the year.
St Michael's today. Still great and majestic.
This is a Centennial worth celebrating. We see joy and great enthusiasm all year long. Every now and then, the students are witnessing something going on, many times unannounced. That's SMI's ways of doing things and students like it that way.
Those joining the dinner on September 29 will be in for a surprise when they get to see massive tents at the field to accommodate some 310 tables. The 2-wing pavilion will be turned into a food preparation area where cooks and helpers would be extremely busy churning out dishes after dishes for the centennial diners. A stage, complete with a centennial banner and lightings, will also be constructed. You can expect a speech by our Brother Visitor Edmundo and the OMA president Mr Adrian Tsen. There will be some rendition of oldies and later presentation of certificates to the jubilarians. The entire field will be used, not only for the dinner but a place to mingle, catching up with old friends. Three thousand people, all adults, at the same place and time, will create history for being the loudest and the noisiest!
Workers are already started to put up the tents.

From another angle. 
Next post! Program on Saturday morning (29 September 2012)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Last Call - Budding Golfers

In conjunction with St Michael's Centennial Celebration, the old boys in Klang Valley are organising the annual golf tournament which will be held for the first time in Ipoh.
Those who have yet to register can still contact representatives from Ipoh and KL to ensure a place at the Meru Valley Golf Club. We thank SMI Alumni Klang Valley for organising the event. 

Saturday, September 08, 2012

A Special Publication, "Valiant & True"

- Khaw Soon Hoe (1984) - 5 books
- Michael Chin (1982) 
-Class of 81' has placed an order for 28 books. More are expected!
- SP Lim, old boy residing in KL is getting two books. To pick up on 28 Sept 2012.
-A bulk order from class of 80' - 60 books. 
- SMI Alumni KL - confirmed 20 books.
- Sharman K Michael (Class of 1996) - 10 books. Confirmed!
- Terry Yip -20 books

Quick before the rush during Dinner day. 

Only RM25.00 each. An Excellent Centennial Memento.  
Please e-mail: peterkhiew@yahoo.com for details.
Pre-Dinner Purchases available at SMI from September 24 to 28, 2012 from 10am to 1pm at the school foyer (parlour). Cash only. Limited copies. 
Ask for Mr Peter Khiew.  

A special publication, to be ready just for the Centennial Dinner, is one centennial item no Michaelian can afford to give it a miss. Titled, "Valiant & True", the book, produced by the Old Michaelians Association, is a result of months of research, tedious planning and hardwork.
The strong editorial team is ably headed by Mr Louis Rozario Doss and assisted by Brother Vincent, Brother Matthew, Mr Harneak, Mr Thomas Wong, Mr Anthony Lourdes and the blogger. The book carries more than 100 pages of St Michael's illustrious past, its former Brother Directors and their outstanding accomplishments.

Hard at work .. the editorial team during a session at the La Salle Centre, Ipoh.
It also beautifully portrays St Michael's during the war years, the challenges faced and how the Brothers, the teachers, the staff and fellow Michaelians managed the years ahead with determination and courage.
Rare photographs, colourful illustrations and old images of all things St Michael's are some of the highlights you can expect in the book.
"Valiant & True" carries our vision and our inspirations. It is the way forward in our quest to make St Michael's a port which continues to assist, to inspire and to educate.
Will keep all of you updated on this!!

Note: Oh yes. Copies are limited. For those who wish to get hold of the books earlier, it's possible. They will be on sale a few days before the dinner. During the dinner, a kiosk will be set up at the parlour.

Friday, September 07, 2012


Click on image to enlarge or print
Note: The school building is on your right.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Many heave a sigh of relief upon being informed that dinner tickets are ready for collection. Are you sure? The answer is YES! Even the tables have been allocated accordingly. Excitement abounds over this good news.  
Some details for a smooth process.
a. OMA members can collect the tickets at 33A, Jalan Maharajalela, Ipoh.
b. Those who paid to Mr Eugene can get the tickets from him or Ms Song at the above address.
c. Others are to collect their tickets from the OMA members with whom they paid and booked with.For example, if Mr Steven Lee is in charge of arranging for his friends and also in charge of collection, then he will be the person you contact.
d. Those who made reservations and paid online, can contact Mr Eugene or Mr Harneak for details.