Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photographs Of Yesteryear - Share With Us

A Scene From An SMI play performed some 60 years ago. Pix courtesy of Old Michaelian Lee Pooi Ngan
Another Image of young Michaelians. Where are these students now? Please let us know.
This will be Michaelians biggest gathering. This will also be an opportune time to share with us possession of old photographs by old Michaelians. The pictures of yesteryear could be ones that were taken with our Brothers, during Sports Day, recess time at the tuck shop, moments with friends on the school bus or simply shots that were taken in the classroom. 
We need the photographs for documentation and posterity purposes. The images are important as to allow us to trace many historical moments we might have overlooked. For this purpose, we are setting up a mini secretariat at the school foyer to scan the photographs (will return the original copies to you), acknowledge the owners and at the same time, ask a few questions about your years at St Michael's.
Those manning the secretariat are Mr Harneak Singh and Mr Thomas Wong.

Cheers from us at SMI.

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CY said...

Wow, it was a fabulous night! Our class of 84 met up so many old friends. Thanks for organizing the event. I really regret I did not get hold of the RM25 golden book and I wonder if there is any chance of me buying it? I will be going back to work and I will be flying out soon. Kindly contact me at cytang67@yahoo.com or 01116572572 if there is any chance of getting a book. Thanks