Saturday, September 22, 2012

Program For Saturday 29/9/2012

St Michael's Institution extends a very warm welcome to all Michaelians. It's a wonderful home-coming and a walk down memory lane. Some have not been back for 20 years, some as long as 40 years and there are some who have actually never left St Michael's. Nevertheless, it's still a visit worth making. The blogger, together with the administrative members of the school, the teaching community and all present Michaelians, are honoured to welcome home so many old boys to the alma mater. My special mention to our visiting La Salle Brothers who will join us in Ipoh specially for OMA-organised, "Centennial Dinner". We welcome Brother Visitor Edmundo Fernandez, Brother Thomas Lavin, Brother Anthony Rogers, Brother Ambrose Loke and many other Brothers who are joining in and be part of the great Michaelian celebration! 
Old boys- the very old, the middle-aged and the younger ones- all totalling more than 3000, are going to paint the school red, in our case, green!

The Program For The Day, September 29, 2012 starting 9am

Venue: Parlour/Main Hall - Kiosks selling Centennial Items (tote bags, ball pens, bookmarks, button badges and many, many more), Centennial T-shirts (RM50 each, a pair comes at RM80), Drama T-Shirts (RM20), Valiant & True books (RM25).

Venue: Main Hall (9am-1pm) - Centennial Exhibition/Showcase - Michaelian Military Band, St John Ambulance, Cadet Corps, Michaelian Chinese Orchestra, Science Projects (Winning Entries) & Junior Cadets.

Venue: Scout Den (9am - 1pm) - Open to all. Special Display of Scouting Skills, See how towers are built, gadgets, trophies, shields, etc

Venue: School Chapel (10.30am)- Michaelian Centennial Eucharistic Celebration.  Celebrated by Rt Reverend Sebastian Francis Bishop, Diocese of Penang. 

Venue: School Field - 7.30pm CENTENNIAL DINNER

For details about the program and dinner, e-mail

Below are some numbers for your convenience:
a. Ipoh Taxi       05-2534188
b. Police            05- 2451500
c. Train              05-2540481
d. St Michael's   05-2540418

Will post more if needs arise.

Best wishes and cheers! 

Peter Khiew

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