Thursday, September 20, 2012

St Michael's Is Getting Busier...& a map

A map which might be of help. Click image to enlarge or print
St Michael's is currently as busy as a bee. Preparations are ongoing at full swing for the Centennial Dinner. Workers from the company supplying the tents and canopies have started work. Students, on the other hand, are watching from afar,  anticipating the excitement that goes with the centennial do which St Michael's has been organising throughout the year.
St Michael's today. Still great and majestic.
This is a Centennial worth celebrating. We see joy and great enthusiasm all year long. Every now and then, the students are witnessing something going on, many times unannounced. That's SMI's ways of doing things and students like it that way.
Those joining the dinner on September 29 will be in for a surprise when they get to see massive tents at the field to accommodate some 310 tables. The 2-wing pavilion will be turned into a food preparation area where cooks and helpers would be extremely busy churning out dishes after dishes for the centennial diners. A stage, complete with a centennial banner and lightings, will also be constructed. You can expect a speech by our Brother Visitor Edmundo and the OMA president Mr Adrian Tsen. There will be some rendition of oldies and later presentation of certificates to the jubilarians. The entire field will be used, not only for the dinner but a place to mingle, catching up with old friends. Three thousand people, all adults, at the same place and time, will create history for being the loudest and the noisiest!
Workers are already started to put up the tents.

From another angle. 
Next post! Program on Saturday morning (29 September 2012)

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