Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Vintage Chandelier For The Chapel

To the chapel it goes...Mr Pritam (right) handing over the lamp to Mr John
Mr Pritam Singh had just reached home when he saw an object wrapped in newspapers placed on the hall table. He paid little notice to the item until his wife said that the clinic she works in was undergoing some renovation works. The doctor was giving away a number of items and Mrs Pritam picked that little 'lamp'.  What astonished Mr Pritam was when he unwrapped the package, he saw an imported, frosted, glass mini chandelier. For an antique collector, this piece of gem (must be more than 40 years old) could easily fetch RM500 but then, the dearth of such items could push the value even higher.
He did not think much about selling it or fixing the chandelier in his house, instead Mr Pritam generously gave it away - to the chapel. Mr John Bosco, who also works in the office, will get the chandelier fixed as he has identified the spot. We thank Mr Pritam Singh, our very faithful chief clerk, for his generosity and Mr John, thank you for taking care of the chapel all these years.

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