Sunday, December 30, 2012

Homecoming and Cheque Presentation Ceremony

The banner used to welcome the Finance Minister.
Finance Minister II Dato' Seri Ahmad Husni, our old boy, paid the alma mater a visit. The homecoming was his first after more than 40 years. He left St Michael's in the 70s. Arrived at around 11am, he was  welcomed by the lion dance troupe followed by our very talented Michaelian Military Band. The Michaelian Minister was greeted upon arrival by Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian, chairman of BOG, Mr Michael Lee, PIBG head, OMA president Mr Adrian Tsen and principal Madam Loh Wei Seng. (All four are Michaelians themselves). Also present at the function were Kinta Utara District Officer Tuan Marazlen, his fellow charges, former teachers, teachers and students.
Dato'  Seri Ahmad Husni .. "I learnt many values from St Michael's"
The Minister commended our prefects and scouts who had the courage for striking up conversations with him. "I have been to other schools but there were no communications. St Michael's is different. When I shook hands with the boys, they asked, "How are you Dato' Seri?". They also said, "Welcome to St Michael's, Dato Seri". That was the type of communication I could not get from other schools", he said, generating a thunderous applause from the audience.
Dato Seri Husni, who left St Michael's in April 1971 and was enrolled later in a boarding school, said whenever people asked him which school he came from, he has always answered, "I am a Michaelian".
"In fact all my four sons studied here. St Michael's has given me the values which I treasure very much," said the Finance Minister.
An Auspicious Welcome by a Lion Dance
He later thanked the PIBG head Mr Joseph Michael Lee for extending the invitation and the principal in extending to him such a warm welcome. Dato' Seri later presented an allocation of RM200,000 for St Michael's future development projects.
A Warm Welcome by the Band boys 
Thank you Dato' Seri for the homecoming and hope to see you again one day. I am sure our young Michaelians would like to hear some inspirational stories from you.

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