Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pledging To Be The Best - Leaders' Installation Day

We solemnly pledge... the heads of librarians (Low Yee Wai, head) , prefects (Seran Nicholas, head) and class monitors (Phuan Soon Lee, head)  taking their oath of office infront of 1700 teachers and students at the school assembly on January 21, 2013 . 
The Principal giving words of encouragement to the student leaders.

"We believe we can. We shall serve SMI whole-heartedly"
The librarians putting their best foot forward... . From Books To Light
"We must become the change we want to see" - Mahatma Gandhi

Congratulations from us.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Preserving A Piece Of History

The trishaw is being carried to the Michaelian Heritage Gallery. 
Remember the trishaw and the ice-cream man? It was in July 2007 that Mohd Ali stopped selling ice-cream in SMI and went home to India where his wife and two daughters were staying. Nobody knew why he came back to Ipoh despite his deteriorating  health and the fact that he had sold his trishaw. One could guess that it would not be easy for a person like Mohd Ali (mugshot) who had stayed in Ipoh and working in St Michael's for the past six decades to simply bid farewell. He returned, lived a few months and passed away in early 2011.

The man who knows the story of St Michael's ice-cream man is non other than our kacang putih man Solaiappan. He said Mohd Ali was already selling ice-cream in the late 40s, even before the arrival of the Japanese.
Solaiappan said when he was in primary school, helping his grandfather at the stall, the ice-cream man was already operating a stall selling "ais kerim potong" which he made himself.
That time, he said, food stalls were operating behind Masjid India mosque. The canteen was called tuck shop then.
All the years of selling ice-cream, Mohd Ali had not used any motorised vehicles to transport his weighty metal container to and from school to his Kinta Height flat - a distance of at least a km. Five days a week, Mohd Ali (imagine his age) would cycle, struggling on his pedal power when he encountered the slopes and patiently enduring the blaring horns from vehicles when he moved too slow. He had to cycle from the school to the French Bakery every two days to get fresh stock of bread.

All the years of hardship had somehow weakened him and that contributed to his frequent bouts of asthmatic attacks. "It was getting very serious early this year, rendering him very fragile and weak. Still he wanted to come to school to sell. The noodle man, Ah Fatt, helped him greatly by carrying his goods to school," Solaiappan said, adding that Mohd Ali would just sit at his stall and attending to his young and eager customers.
Five strong boys are needed to carry the trishaw up the granite stairs
His health deteriorated in June 2007. It was in 2009 that he decided to vacate his humble abode at the flat and to return to India.
Form Three boy Jason with the trishaw outside the gallery
SMI ice cream man left behind only two items at St Michael's. One is his faithful trishaw, the other is our sweet memory of this faithful old man, one who has spent virtually his entire life in St Michael's.
"He spoke highly of the school, the Brothers and the old boys. He remembers Brother Paul and Brother Vincent vividly and always spoke on the ways they managed the school and handled the boys. His greatest joy was being able to serve here in St Michael's," Solaiappan said.
Mohd Ali's work horse is currently safe and preserved - at the Michaelian Heritage Gallery.

Onward Michaelians! Valiant and True.

Michaelian Run - A Gathering Of Strength

Gathering of  Strength - that's Michaelian Spirit 
The Michaelian Run was successfully held, much to the amazement of so many students who turned up just to participate. All wanted to be part of an event which holds a great tradition as far as St Michael's is concerned. The cross country route that Michaelians took 50 years ago is still the same one current Michaelians take today! From the school entrance we took the left turn and ran towards Brewster Road. We turned left again after the bridge and everyone could notice Chinese temples along the river bank.

Tired but not giving up
Not sure whether the dogs that guard a wooden bungalow were around that day but they helped to make our paces faster. It took an amateur as least 30 to 40 minutes to complete the race but it was the classmates and schoolmates who made the event an occasion to cherish. The reason the event is held beginning of the year hits home a message that we are ready to perform throughout the year. It makes us more focussed and offers  us the energy to inspire one another. We could be running, walking or strolling that day but the Run itself had left an indelible mark in all of us.
Thanks my buddy James Gough for the shot of the bridge.
Bravo boys. Way to go...
Onward Michaelians! Valiant and True.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Michaelian Run 2013 & 'Valiant and True' Books

The Michaelian Run is for every Michaelian, young and old. The theme of the Run this year runs parallel with the school's official theme, "Onward Michaelians! Valiant and True". 
This theme calls for the consolidation of our Michaelian identity in the virtues of Faith, Service and Community while upholds valiantly to the distinctive brand of the La Sallian tradition which stands for high personal and academic standards, excellent moral tone and discipline.
Calling all old boys and girls who are now working or studying. Be free to join the big Michaelian family for a   celebration and fellowship.It's time to be more involved with the alma mater.
Saturday, January 12, 2013 at 7.45 am. Meet at the school field.


OMA-published, "Valiant and True" books are still available.  The special publication is a result of months of research, tedious planning and hardwork by a team of writers and columnists. It carries more than 100 pages of St Michael's illustrious past and detailed write-ups on its former Brother Directors and their outstanding accomplishments. It also portrays St Michael's during the war years, the challenges faced and how the school community managed the years ahead with determination and courage. 
Rare photographs, colourful illustrations and old images of all things St Michael's are some of the highlights you can see in the book. "Valiant & True" carries our vision and our inspirations. It is the way forward in our quest to make St Michael's a port which continues to assist, to inspire and to educate.
Take the opportunity to get a copy of this wonderful book during the Michaelian Run aka Cross Country.
Venue: School Parlour, only RM25 each. With every purchase, a limited edition Michaelian Centennial bookmark will be given as free gift !! Hurry!! Only on this special day.

Launching of 2013 School Theme (January 7, 2013)

The Principal (third from right) with senior assistants after unveiling the theme. 
 "Onward Michaelians! Valiant And True." That's St Michael's Ipoh's theme of the year, reminding students to stride forward in our quest to produce valiant and true Michaelians. Principal Madam Loh Wei Seng, flanked by SMI's senior assistants, unveiled the banner at the assembly, witnessed by some 1600 students and teachers. 
It is a rich Michaelian tradition to come up with a theme for the year as a guiding principle for teachers and students. This year, we endeavor to produce and fostering our young Michaelians to be: -
1. a person of solid moral character with a finely developed moral conscience
2. a prudent and discerning man
3. a good communicator
4. a person of affective maturity
5. a person who respects and cares for others
6. a man who relates well with others
7. a good steward of material possessions
8. a man who can take on the role of a public person.

The assembly that day also saw 51 students who scored all As in their PMR 2012 being acknowledged in front of their fellow schoolmates. St Michael's congratulates all of them once again.
The PMR top scorers at the school assembly