Thursday, January 10, 2013

Launching of 2013 School Theme (January 7, 2013)

The Principal (third from right) with senior assistants after unveiling the theme. 
 "Onward Michaelians! Valiant And True." That's St Michael's Ipoh's theme of the year, reminding students to stride forward in our quest to produce valiant and true Michaelians. Principal Madam Loh Wei Seng, flanked by SMI's senior assistants, unveiled the banner at the assembly, witnessed by some 1600 students and teachers. 
It is a rich Michaelian tradition to come up with a theme for the year as a guiding principle for teachers and students. This year, we endeavor to produce and fostering our young Michaelians to be: -
1. a person of solid moral character with a finely developed moral conscience
2. a prudent and discerning man
3. a good communicator
4. a person of affective maturity
5. a person who respects and cares for others
6. a man who relates well with others
7. a good steward of material possessions
8. a man who can take on the role of a public person.

The assembly that day also saw 51 students who scored all As in their PMR 2012 being acknowledged in front of their fellow schoolmates. St Michael's congratulates all of them once again.
The PMR top scorers at the school assembly

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