Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Drama T-Shirts Are On Sale Now

Limited edition - Grab one today!
Available only once a year in conjunction with the annual drama, specially designed T-shirts are sought-after items among Michaelians. "Attractively designed, quality material, worth for my money and looks trendy" are some of the remarks given by teachers, parents, old boys and students. Yesterday was a busy day for teachers as they were approached by impatient students to get their T-shirts. 
The school ordered only limited quantity so many consider the items as "Limited Edition" which further fuel to the unusually demand this time around.   
For die-hard Michaelians, the drama T-shirts are great keepsake, especially souvenir hunters.  
Sold for only RM25 each, the T-shirts incorporate another Michaelian event which has begun to attract huge followings - Michaelian Talentime 2013. 
To order or purchase, e-mail or simply drop by at St Michael's during office hours. See the blogger. Don't miss out.  
Students proudly showing off the T-shirts they bought.
By the way, remember "The Lion King" and Talentime 2013, April 12, 13 and 14, 2013 at 7.45pm. Venue: School Hall and meet your favourite characters and talented Michaelians in action!

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