Friday, April 12, 2013

The Memory Lives On...

Michaelian Military Band boys, representing the entire Michaelian community, were in attendance to pay tribute to a great Michaelian. For many of us, Harneak Singh's extraordinary and immense contribution to St Michael's is obvious. Below are remarks written by those who are priviledged to know him, some even from primary school days. From the time when e-mails went around informing one another of his condition...
A Tribute To An Extraordinary Michaelian - Harneak Singh (1963-2013)
Dear All,
Just to let you all know that our dear friend Harneak Singh currently is very ill in Ipoh Specialist Centre.
Harneak is someone who had displayed tremendous "Michaelian Spirit" and is a true friend. Let's all of us pray for his recovery.
Thanks for the info. I am now serving under the United Nation Mission in Sudan.
I will pray for him because the last I saw him he was good, before coming to Sudan on Sept 2012 I visited him in his Bank Office. May the GOD bless him for fast recovery.
He had done a lot for the Old Michaelians Association and also to the School as well.
May GOD Bless him .

This is truly a sad day. He is a true Michaelian and a great friend till the very end, a great loss to all. Please send my deepest condolences to his family. Let me know if you guys are doing anything for him or need to chip in.
May our dear brother, Harneak rest in peace.
He left us this morning.
He will be cremated tomorrow noon.
A True and Valiant Michaelian.

Harneak's untimely passing still lingers in my mind. His passing has created a vacuum as far as St Michael's Ipoh is concerned. September will be the month all of us come together in memory of a great guy who never said no to anyone. I consider Harneak as a great Michaelian, valiant and true.

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