Sunday, May 19, 2013

Congrats Brother on your Diamond Jubilee!

Fraternal Congratulations to Brother Matthew Liew fsc on his Diamond Jubilee as a La Salle Brother 1953-2013

Brother Matthew served with distinction as teacher but mostly as headmaster from 1957 to 1985 in various Kuala Lumpur schools and La Salle Canning Garden in Ipoh. He served as Director of Juniors 1967-1981 while Headmaster of La Salle School.
He is affectionately remembered as a dynamic, innovative and caring educationist.
In 1985 at 51 he was appointed Brother Visitor for a period of six years. As Visitor he is remembered as a supremely caring person. His greatest challenge was in 1988 when there was a change in government policy. Brothers holding promotional posts had now to retire at 55.
All hailed his courage in taking the issue even to the highest levels. He fought strenuously to maintain the status quo but all in vain. The major Lasallian schools were affected. It was heart-breaking for Brother Matthew.
In retirement he assisted Brother Andrew Loke at De La Salle Language Institute for some years till his health gave way and he had to opt for a simpler life style.
We wish him God’s continued blessings for the way forward, always convinced the best is yet to come.

Article courtesy of Dato' Brother Vincent Corkery.

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