Tuesday, May 21, 2013

SMI In Images

Teachers' Day celebration at SMI. A cake-cutting ceremony with members from the PIBG.
Zone-level solar boat competition. Our creation, "Bolt" not only managed to impress the judges and other competitors but we walked home with the 2nd prize. Well done! Thanks to Pn Wan Norliza, Pn Seri Ayu and fellow Michaelians for the initiative and encouragement. 
The Michaelian family... our participants and teachers posing after receiving their certificates from the Education Department.

Bravo...Fifth former Edward Kwan with his trophy. 
Our boys at the Pavilion, revising for their mid-year exams.
Our debaters who were 1st runners-up at the Rotary Debate 2013. From left (Edwin Tan,  Bryan Cheah, Amardas Sandu and Eric John). With them are the Principal and Mr Rajan (adviser). 

Lively... a Form Five lesson on literature in progress. 

The Class of 68' visiting St Michael's after a lapse of 45 years! Taking them for a tour around the school were Brother Matthew Bay and Mr Joseph Michael Lee.

Brother Matthew handing over Brother U Paul Scholarship to financially challenged pupils. The good work of the Brothers started some 300 years ago and it still prevails today.  

"Good schools, like good societies and good families, celebrate and cherish diversity."  Deborah Meier

Onward Michaelians! Valiant and True.

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