Thursday, June 13, 2013


It is to be noted that all tickets for the OMA dinner have been sold out. This is very encouraging as the dinner is still months away.
However, those who have yet to get their tickets can still place reservations with us. e-mail me at as we can still assist you.
For those who have confirmed in getting their tables, payment will be initiated soon. For a stress-free and smooth going process, take note of the steps stated below. You will expect these items to be posted next month. 

a. Expect an e-mail or a call from us to the coordinators or the persons in charge. The official e-mail will be from Mr Eugene Chow.  
b. Notice new blog postings on banking and payment procedures. (Take note that these will be highlighted ONLY on this blog. DO NOT entertain those from other media sources you find on the Net) 
c. How and where you can collect your dinner tickets.

Looking forward to another session of jolly good time! 

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