Sunday, August 04, 2013

The Passing Of Brother Albinus O'Flaherty, RIP

Brother Albinus, F.S.C. (Michael O'Flaherty) was called to the Lord at 11.28 am on 4th August 2013 Sunday in a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

In 1966, a group of boys in St Joseph’s Secondary School were hauled up by Brother Albinus for skipping their extra-curricular activities.
St Joseph’s was one of Sarawak’s top schools, and excellence in academics and sports was expected of every student.
One of the students, a 13-year old, started to cry. Brother Albinus, the teacher, asked him why he was in tears. The Form One boy, now a very successful business person, told Brother Albinus he skipped the extra-curricular activities because he had to help his father sell ice-cream.
Immediately, Brother Albinus let him go.
In a later incident, a group of boys were absent from PE (physical education) class and the same Form One boy was among them, but when Brother Albinus noticed him, he let him off once more.

The boy was deeply touched. He was a poor kid, and Brother Albinus’ actions “showed me he looked out for the poor and under-privileged. It showed there were fairness and compassion and respect for the poor. It did a lot of good for my self-esteem and my sense of fairness. I love Brother Albinus and all the Brothers. They shaped my life.”....
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