Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Very Happening School ... SMI, That's Where We Belong

Do you know that we had a smokehouse in SMI? It's now the popular 5-star rest rooms for boys
and one section for the girls. We still keep the rest rooms in good shape. 
Picking up the reading habit... it's time everyone in St Michael's pick up a book, a magazine or a novel to read.

Thanking the boys for coming to school? Yes. Messages that uplift the spirit of our students are prominently displayed within the school compound. 

Another sign to greet our Michaelians every day. It works actually. 
The boards are back at the school parlour!  Head boys, lady heads and Michaelians of The Year awards. These are prestigious accolades presented to outstanding Michaelians during their years at St Michael's. They remain distinguished in society today. 

War veterans visiting St Michael's. The school is a must-visit for these heroes who are back annually to the country for their retreat. This group is from the National Malaya Borneo Veterans Association, UK. 
Mr Adrian Tsen of Riverview Rubber Estates hosting tea at the Ipoh Club for these veterans.
Old Michaelian Mr Gnanasagaran presented a talk on 'Rat Urine and its Danger' to fellow Michaelians recently. It was well-received by the pupils. In this picture, school principal Mdm Loh Wei Seng presenting a gift to Mr Gnanasagaran. He works with the Health Ministry.  
Happy lads. They won a prize for the best entry. These Form Three boys are taking part in the Star's NIE contest. 
Michaelian Military Band boys still perform faithfully in school events and every Monday during school assembly. We salute the boys for their commitment and ever strong dedication. 
Rare bottles... we chanced upon these very old glass bottles near the science lab. These could be at least five decades old. Items like these are 'rescued', restored and kept at the gallery. 
A visit to the Riverview Rubber Estates Bhd....we always acknowledge the very strong support accorded to us by its executive director Mr Adrian Tsen and his team. Here, Form One and Two boys listen to a briefing by the estate manager. 
'Tai Har' or Extra Large Prawn is a must-try when one visits Tanjung Tualang. Here we visit one of the many restaurants to enjoy not only the prawns but steamed ikan ketutu. Thanks to Mr Adrian Tsen for hosting us and those from the OMA. 
Ikan Ketutu...look a bit weird but it's ok as long as they are tasty!
That's all for today. More stories are coming. Have a nice day and best wishes from us at SMI.

Signing off, 
Peter Khiew

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The school looks absolutely beautiful.

I would say it is the most beautiful school in Malaysia.