Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Approaching The Dinner...

St Michael's Institution, Ipoh... back to the alma mater.
Old Michaelians are bracing up for this Saturday for the reunion dinner. Arrangements could have been made between friends for a visit prior to the reunion dinner. It could be a day or two before Saturday. Perhaps old boys and girls would like to be at the school on Saturday morning. Yes, it's back to the alma mater.

A visit to the school is warmly welcomed. On school days, you will be able to meet students and teachers or perhaps make a trip to the foodcourt for some refreshments. Take the opportunity to visit the classrooms you studied in or the teachers who taught you before.
However, do e-mail me at peterkhiew@gmail.com prior to the visit so that we are prepared to welcome the entourage. Visiting hours are from 10am to 12.30pm on Thursday and Friday (26 and 27 September 2013). Please register with the security guards at the guard house and state the reason for your visit. If you prefer to visit us on Saturday morning, be free to walk around for a photography session.

1. Dinner starts at 7.30pm.
2. The dinner venue will be at the basketball court. School prefects and scouts will be of assistance if you need their help.

3. Parking - We have worked out a few parking areas for those who drive.
a. Use the Riverfront Hotel side to get into the St Michael's primary school parking area. The gate is open. RELA men and scouts will be there to direct traffic.
b. Behind Taiko building is a car park area. This facility is open on Saturday.
c. St Michael's Secondary School Car Park can be accessed from the Riverfront side. DO NOT USE the main entrance as the entrance is closed.
d. There are ample public parking bays around Ipoh old town. 
e. Do not park at the Indian Muslim mosque car park as it closes early. Your vehicles might be trapped inside.
Note: Make sure bags and packages are not left inside your vehicles. Please ensure your vehicles are securely locked!

Best wishes. To facilitate contact, I can be reached on Twitter @peterkhiew

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