Friday, September 13, 2013

Greeting From Us At SMI!

St Michael's is in good hands. The students are currently preparing for their public examinations - PMR, SPM and for the sixth formers, STPM. PMR is 19 days away, SPM 54 days while STPM (P3) is also 54 days away. Almost all regular events like Sports Day, Speech Day and Open Day are over. The teachers are now busy marking the papers, now that the Trial SPM is almost over. It's raining almost daily in Ipoh and that has blessed our school field and the plants within our school compound. The grass is always green and the plants make our school building more imposing. Master Choo Ah Chye and Master John Lee came over for a visit. It was a home-coming for them after their retirement from service at SMI many years ago. For us, their presence in school rejuvenated the Michaelian fraternity. The Brothers are as busy as ever. Brother Vincent occupies himself with church activities in the morning and after a walk at the park, he will be in the office, updating the Lasallian fraternity all around the world with updates and happenings. Brother Matthew, besides having his hands full with Lasallian matters, still ensures that the garden at La Salle Centre and the Foodcourt look impeccable. Our hats off to them and do pray for their well being.  

Come September 28, the most talk-about event of the year among the old Michaelians is perhaps the OMA Annual Dinner. Eighty tables are allocated. The tents, the tables and chairs will be up soon. A week before the dinner, we anticipate visitors coming over to the alma mater for a visit. That's to be expected as some have not been back for decades. We welcome all Michaelians.

Just a recap of the happenings at SMI through some images. I was as busy as a bee for the past weeks so updating of the blog was temporarily halted. Rest assured, good things are in the pipeline.

Images coming soon...  

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