Tuesday, October 08, 2013

More things that happen in St Michael's...

A boy, member of the Michaelian Chinese Orchestra, playing the cello infront of his fellow friends at the school pavilion. The bigger boys coaching and mentoring the younger ones is a welcoming sight at St Michael's. Scouts, band boys, St John Ambulance and even in class, we can observe the weak is guided by the good ones. The Michaelian spirit continues to work its miracle...    
Brother Matthew Bay celebrating his birthday recently at La Salle Centre. He looks much younger and fitter these days. 
Among those who turned up to make some noise were Mr Joseph Michael Lee, Thomas Wong, Anthony Lourdes and the blogger. Brother Vincent is on the right.
Among the items we prepared for the barbecue session. We had plenty to eat and drink. 
Nayah Boucaud from Miami, Florida giving a talk on Unity to students of SMI. 
Once in a while, even a car needs some rest. Here, it's time to change the timing belt after having covered, surprisingly, a distance of 72,000km. Boys, after having studied for long hours, should also take a break.
And now the good news. We have about 300 Centennial books left in our possession. There will be no re-print of this book which details so much about our alma mater, the history of the school, the Brothers and many other subjects that conjure up many sweet memories related to St Michael's. Visit us at St Michael's to get a copy of this classic or e-mail sleekk@gmail.com OR peterkhiew@yahoo.com and let us know how we can of assistance to get copies of the books delivered to you. Hurry! 
Cheers from us at SMI - Valiant and True!

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