Sunday, November 17, 2013

2013- What A Year (Part II)

This bowl of appetizing curry noodle comes with cockles, yong tau fu and tau fu pok. Look at the colour of the curry paste. No need to look far. This bowl of rich concoction of hot and spicy goodies is available in St Michael's foodcourt at a stall manned by Ah Fatt. It costs only RM3.     
Dental nurses still pay our boys visits annually, normally setting up their temporary base at the class. The school parlour was the staff room before it was converted into a dental clinic during the 60s. The clinic was then shifted to the Primary School until the very days when the primary school premises were demolished. 
School level National Day celebration
The school principal flagging off Malaysian-made motorcycles and cars for a symbolical parade, witnessed by students and teachers.
Our boys after their Form Three exams (PMR). This will be the last PMR for all Form Three candidates in the country.

Old Michaelians Annual Dinner which was held in September. The dinner continues to attract old boys and girls for fellowship and to renew friendship. This year is OMA's 80th anniversary.
The great Michaelian trio who traditionally celebrate their birthday together. This year we had a good dinner at Wong Kok restaurant. Happy Birthday to Brother Vincent, Mr Adrian Tsen and Mr Louis Rozario Doss.Our wish is to have many,many more years of birthday celebration with them.  
Yam Seng...a toast to Mr Adrian Tsen by well-wishers. 

Post PMR program - off to a motivational camp at the Navy Base in Lumut. Here, the principal and teachers bid farewell to the boys moments before they board the bus.
A sad day for fellow Michaelians for the demise of our hero, buddy and best friend, Mr Harneak Singh who left us on 9 April 2013. We still miss him. 
Harneak...Rest In Peace.
Thank you everyone for a wonderful, challenging and a very busy year. St Michael's will continue to be busy as it sails forward to year 2014. We endeavor to be guided by the principles of Faith, Service and Community in our quest to produce quality and well-balanced students.
SMI theme for 2014, "Onward Michaelians United & True" will be the foundation of our character building initiatives. Together we make it a success.
Happy Holidays and greetings.

Signing off,
Peter Khiew (needs a few days off to recharge and unwind)

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