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2013- What A Year

This post details the happenings at St Michael's throughout 2013. It is a good year with wonderful events and plenty of things to remember. Congratulations everyone on completing the year 2013 with gusto. Teachers, pupils, staff and the administrators. Everyone had a nice and memorable time.
Teachers having their staff development program at the La Salle Auditorium beginning of the year
The visit of Michaelian Finance Minister II to SMI in December 2012 also marked an important milestone at SMI. We continue to welcome our old boys home.
Fellowship after an event at St Michael's. Parents' participation in school activities is crucial in determining the success and dynamic of an institution.

The grand clean-up before the start of the new school term. Student and teacher participation like this is applauded. It demonstrates their commitment beyond the call of duty
The Principal (2nd from right), accompanied by Mr Rajendran (Student Affair SA), En Adi Yusry and En Alias working at a trough during the clean-up. 
It's virtually impossible to shift such a heavy safe BUT if it involves determination and tenacity, we can even move mountains! 
Prasad was the president of the Michaelian Wushu Club. He has been with the club since Form Two and he involves actively in lion dancing. Here, this intrepid boy repairing the lion head.  
Cikgu Adi Yusri is another teacher who considers St Michael's as his second home. His favourite football club is undoubtedly Liverpool and "You'll Never Walk Alone" is his favourite quote.
Cikgu Adi in Liverpool FC, England. 
SMI 2013 Annual Play, "The Lion King" was performed in April, directed by Ms Corrinne Mah.
Tommy, an exchange student from Italy bidding farewell to his friends and teachers at the school assembly.
(Note: This event was in 2012 and it's not too late to highlight)
Visitors still consider St Michael's as a must-visit destination whenever they are in Ipoh. 
Teachers during the morning assembly.
Mr Ooi, the school IT expert aka Steve Jobs of SMI (vice-president of SMI Staff Club) presenting a piece of batik cloth to the Principal. In the background is Ustaz Suhaimi (the President of SMI staff Club)
A feather in the cap for St Michael's...Cikgu Shafinazaida guided our students right to the national-level of The Star's video clip competition. It was a proud moment when they took a picture with Deputy Education Minister I Dato' Mary Yap at the function. Well done, Cikgu and our fellow Michaelians.    
It's time to landscape. We still need to keep the surroundings spick and span. Workers delivering plants to school.  
Accidents do happen sometimes. This Form Two boy dislocated his arm during a basketball session. We contacted his parents before he was sent to the hospital. The parents were grateful for the quick action.
Help has arrived... It took just 10 minutes for the ambulance to arrive. (Note: The boy has not given up on basketball. By the way, St Michael's has carved a niche in basketball, beating many Chinese schools which are known for their basketball prowess)   
Saying goodbye to Chang(centre) who came to SMI for his training. With his are Liew Boon Ket (left) the chief adviser of the Michaelian Military Band and Mr Ooi Kean Giap, the IT expert.  
Form Six students doing their part for the society by donating blood. The practice is an annual affair organised by the Sixth Form Society.
Great guys who man the blood donation counter, making sure donors are adequately advised and counselled. Not sure though whether they donate their blood.
We are proud to be Malaysians and Michaelians.

Time flies, it’s been a whirlwind of a ride, full of ups and downs, happiness, frustrations and a whole lot of other emotions. And that’s the way it should St Michael's Ipoh.

Signing off, 
Peter Khiew

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