Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Get-Together For Our La Salle Brothers in Penang

A shot to remember... our dear La Salle Brothers in Penang

Eighteen Brothers from Malaysia had their annual Malaysian Brothers Assembly and Retreat
at Stella Maris, Penang from 13 to 17 December 2013. Joining them at the assembly were nine Penang Lasallian Family members and four members from the Lasallian Youth Network, with Mr Isaac as the Youth Director. A future Brother was also there. 

Brother Visitor Edmundo stressing a point
Delegates at the assembly
It was a meaningful retreat, a great fellowship for the Brothers

Stern-looking Brother Anthony Rogers (standing) with fellow delegates

Also at the retreat and assembly were Brother Edmundo Fernandez (Brother Visitor) and Brother Thomas Lavin. The 5-day event was handled by Father Moses Lui. 

A dinner to mark a wonderful reunion of the Lasallian fraternity.

Thank you Brother Matthew Bay for the report and photos.

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