Sunday, December 15, 2013

Let's Make St Michael's Special

Why is SMI Different?

1. A School of Quality. Why? Because We Treasure Our Legacy. We Cherish Our Lasallian Tradition. We Uphold Our Virtues Of Discipline and Respect While Maintaining A High Academic Standard. (Look At The Words Below the Masthead of this Blog)

2. A School Which is Imbued with the Michaelian spirit. 

3. Have respect for each student as a unique person.

4. We are Committed to the Poor. We pay attention to the poor, the neglected and the overlooked. We teachers give greater attention to the marginalised and to the less appealing students. St Michael's and all Lasallian schools have programs that address the educational needs of the last, the lost and the least.

5. Educators and administrators are men and women of faith and zeal.

6. We Have Teachers Who Are United and share a common vision and a shared mission. Teachers come together as brothers and sisters associated with bonds of mutual respect, cooperation, generosity, patience, humor, and humility.

7. St Michael's is not an autonomous school but operates in collaboration with others: The Brothers, PIBG, Alumni,  Board of Governors, parents and the community.

8. St Michael's is a school which organizes around the story of John Baptist De La Salle. 

QUIS UT DEUS while carries the meaning, "Who Is Greater Than God", also symbolises the yearning to learn and the quest for knowledge. It also suggests the warmth and goodness in the human heart, the spirit to unite and be truthful always!

Let St Michael's continue to be different and special next year in line with our theme,
"Onward Michaelians United &True".

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bonny b said...

Dear Sir,
From what is recalled from BRo Casimir, 'Quis Ut Deus', translates in to 'Who is Unto God'.
But we have been getting different quotations of late. Perhaps some clarification is helpful. Thank you and best regards.