Thursday, December 19, 2013

PMR 2013:Congratulations... on track to Form Four next year.

St Michael's Institution marked another milestone academically when 44 students scored straight As' in the PMR this year. Our boys managed to obtain 87.23% passes with a GPS of 2.21. Last year, our students delivered a percentage of 88.03% passes with 51 of them scoring all As' and a GPS of 2.23. This works out a difference of 0.02 in GPS, indicating a better performance.
The scene in the main hall this morning.. anxious students and their teachers. 
Principal Madam Loh Wei Seng, in congratulating the PMR students at the main hall this morning, also expressed her satisfaction with the overall achievement of the boys in the examination this year.
"The boys have done exceedingly well. They improved in both percentages of excellent scorers and average grade. SMI remained at No 12 in the North Kinta District," she said, adding that it was all the teachers' and students' hardwork.

Top scorer Wan Muhammad with his parents, Encik Baharudin and Puan Zaliha. posing   with principal Madam Loh. Pn Zaliha teaches in SMI 
Well done ... a teacher conferring with the students after getting their results.
Editorial says: Congratulations boys for your hardwork. You are on your way to Form Four next year whereby more hardwork and sacrifices are expected of you. These are crucial years to determine your future. See you in 2014. Best wishes and greetings. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

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melv said...

I think the best moment when SMI has the most straight As' scorers was back in 2003 :) Come on Michaeliens, beat that record ;)