Thursday, December 05, 2013

What's Currently Happening In St Michael's Ipoh


In 2009, a bay for motorcycles was at the corner of the current car park. That designated area was changed when a big branch from a tree fell on some motorcycles.
This shot was taken in 2009.
St Michael's Institution, Ipoh is undergoing some changes to its landscape. Those who drive pass Jalan Kompleks Islam, along the riverbank, would have realised that the car park is undergoing a huge transformation. Works started extensively in mid-November and are still on-going. Interlocking bricks are used to pave the area, with nicely allocated parking bays for vehicles. Gone would be the days when the area was frequently flooded with at least a foot of water when it rained. Coupled with uneven ground and plenty of potholes, this project has definitely put a smile on the face of teachers and visitors alike. We must thank our stakeholders for making this project a success. Likewise, hats off to those who supervise the project to ensure that works carried out are of the highest standard and fulfill the stringent requirements.

Mid- November.. How it looks before work starts 

Refreshing look at the car park now.
Works are progressing with the interlocking bricks being laid neatly.
Workers are diligently arranging the bricks 
Besides the car park, another project currently ongoing is to upgrade and improve the staff toilets -gent and ladies at the staff room.
The gents
The ladies

A discussion in progress between the Principal, the contractor and members of the PIBG. The Teacher's Dining will be refurbished starting December 6, 2013 and due for completion before the school session starts. Many thanks to the PIBG for the thoughtfulness. The teachers are going to have a dining area which is conducive, airy, spacious and enjoyable to eat in. 

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