Saturday, December 20, 2014

PT3 Results ...8am release of results at St Michael's Institution, Ipoh.

THE Form Three Assessment (Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3 or PT3) results will be released on Dec 22.

The Education Ministry said in a statement, that students can pick up their results from their respective schools.

More than 450,000 candidates sat for the PT3 assessment which was held last month. 

The PT3 was held for the first time this year. Form Three students previously sat for the Penilaian Menengah Rendah, which was abolished at the end of last year.

The ministry said those who wanted to apply for entry into residential schools in 2015, could do so through its website at from Dec 1 to 30.

Those interested could start filling in the results of their physical activity, sport and co-curricular assessment, school assessment, and psychometric assessment from Dec 1, while they could add in their PT3 results from Dec 22.

The ministry said the criteria to enter residential schools was obtaining Grade A for six subjects including Science and Mathematics, but excluding additional languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Tamil, Iban, Kadazandusun and Punjabi.

For Bahasa Malaysia and English Language, the oral and written assessments will be considered as two different assessments. Students also need to obtain a minimum Grade B for the other subjects. 

For those wishing to apply for Pure Science Islamic Studies (Agama) stream and Professional Islamic Studies (Agama Ikhtisas) stream, a Grade A in Islamic Studies (Agama) and a minimum Grade B in Arabic Language are required.

The ministry also said the school assessment results will be considered together with 10% coming from a student’s physical activity, sport and co-curricular assessment. 

The psychometric assessment will be used to determine a student’s suitability for the streams they should be in (eg, arts or science stream), as well as to gauge their abilities and interests.

The ministry will also consider the academic, sports and co-curricular merits of a student, student’s family’s socio-economic status and the location of the student’s original school to determine if they are accepted into a residential school.

Applicants must be Malaysian citizens and currently studying in government or government-aided schools.

Students can check their application status and their placement starting from Jan 30, 2015 via www., the ministry's Residential and Cluster School Division counter or by calling the hotline at 03-8321 7400

They could also contact the nearest State or District Education Office. Successful applicants will also be informed via SMS. Registration into residential schools will begin on Feb 23, after the Chinese New Year holidays next year. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Malaysian Lasallian Education Council 2014

MLEC 2014 was held in Ipoh on December 14, 2014 at the Ibis Styles Hotel. The meeting was attended by the La Salle Brothers, Brother Conveners, two members from each MLEC affiliate organisations and key personnels from the Regional Lasallian Education Councils.
Areas covered included our quest to be service oriented as we go head-on and be ready to meet the needs of the last, the least and the lost. We are moved by the spirit of altruism and volunteerism that show service to others is a Lasallian way of life.
Lasallian Education moves towards our involvement in civil society for transformation, advocacy and dialogue with policy makers and MOE, based on strategic plans. Compared to the National Transformation Plan which focusses on the role of administrators and teachers to ensure success, the Lasallian Paradigm Shift looks into how the educative community in association can contribute to education and formation of our youth.
We also discussed in depth how we can bring about the dignity of students and provide quality of education.
Some very interesting ideas were brought up by Mr Michael Simon, Mr Megat and Dr Francis Loh. Brother Anthony Rogers chaired the meeting. Brother Visitor Fernando Fernandez also outlined a few points about the future of La Salle schools in Malaysia and how we can help revitalise these schools. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Guiding Principle...

"A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart". I believe this will serve as a guiding principle for all teachers at SMI.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

School Theme For 2015?

St Michael's Institution Ipoh, being a Lasallian school, has always worked on the principles of Faith, Service and Community. 
Our founder John Baptist de La Salle regarded a school as a community of believers working cooperatively to achieve a shared vision. We believe a school motto/theme will do the job.
In 1999, SMI came up with its first theme, "Michaelians March Into the 21st Century". In 2009, it was "Upholding The Great Michaelian Ethos" and it's "Onward Michaelians United & True" this year.
Each theme is carefully and meticulously drawn and crafted, aimed to aspire, motivate and spur our young Michaelians as to the needs and directions for the year. 
What will be our theme for 2015? 
Any suggestion? Write to:

Greetings Michaelians

Hello fellow Michaelians,
It has been weeks since I last wrote. As usual, received e-mails about why postings have stopped, just that there are just too much things to work on and the brain just won't function - writer's block. I replied worry not as I will get the blog moving very soon. Here goes, just after the launching of the book, Life Ever Dawning, at St Michael's Institution, Ipoh. Life has been hectic, with examinations and assessments coming in. PT3 starts this year and the school is involved, with 361 Form Three students in nine classes sitting for the assessment. The boys are sitting for their papers from 12 to 17 October 2014.
Form Five and Form Four students are working hard for their respective examinations. I observe that our boys are more serious this year, including the Form Six students.Yes, the book launch saw an attendance of some 200 people, mainly former teachers, old boys and well-wishers. A review of the book was carried out by Ipoh Echo and you can read the write-up in the October 1, 2014 issue.
I must mention our band boys who are making waves nationally. Not only they make the school proud by participating at most functions, they never said no to invitations if the outings do not clash with their examinations or tests in school. Michaelian spirit prevails at SMI.
Last holidays I attended the Malaysian Lasallian Educators Conference (MaLec 6) in Taiping, themed, " Inspiring Dignity. Nurturing Quality". A total of 120 delegates, 12 La Salle Brothers, two Infant Jesus (IJ) Sisters and 10 presenters participated in conference. St Michael's was also represented by Mr Lawrence and Mr Sivagobi (new teacher).
Just got the news that St Michael's has the best public speaker in the country - Isaac Lucas. He took home the trophy for being the top at the National Public Speaking Competition held in Gambang, Pahang.
Isaac, second from left and his adviser Mr Waran, with another contestant and an officer before the result was announced.
There are many more accolades to mention here but do give me a few more days. I need to mark the PT3 English Language papers - three classes in all.
That's all for now. Oh yes, there is a programme organised by the SMI Alumni Klang Valley. A poster is attached.
Have a cheerful day ahead and best wishes from all of us at SMI Ipoh.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wow! It's Durian Fest Again...

Fellow Michaelians,
Please be advised that the Durian Fest on Saturday 19th July is postponed to a later date to be announced.
Please inform your friends who were anticipating it and we regret any inconvenience caused.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

St Michael's 87th Sports Day. It Was A Good Outing

Yes, a picture tells a thousand words
United & True was the order of the day as Michaelians strove, worked and marched valiantly at the 87th Sports Day. Prior to the big day, all students rallied in unity to design class T-shirts and the customary class flags, ensuring that the each flag carried its signature hallmark and the message they wanted to portray.
Needless to say, students remembered the theme which was launched beginning of the year and the gist we advocated.
Sports Day about to was the 87th.
As Michaelians, we are strong when we are united and true. United means we do not stand alone, we stand together. We learn to do within our class, where we make sure no one is left out or left behind. To have strong class spirit, we make sure everyone is part of the group. In this way we are not only UNITED but also TRUE, true to our ourselves and true to each other. That was pivotal in making many things possible at SMI.
The 02 Kinta scouts marched proudly
Principal Pn Loh Wei Seng with En Yamin from the Education Department, our chief guest.
Sixty one classes took part in the march past. It was the participation that mattered. Students worked and practised very hard. Class spirit was clearly demonstrated.
The Principal and Mr Thomas Wong inspecting the march past performed by the students.
In his speech, the chief guest En Yamin bin Zakaria, head of the Student Affair division at the Perak State Education Department said he could see very active participation and involvement of all students especially in the designing of class flags, march past, duties at the field, ushering of guests and orderliness of students.
How jubilant the students were! They are going to miss this when they complete their studies 
The winning team of the Lower Six category
The Upper Six category champions 
Former principal of SMI, Mr Balasubramaniam also joined in the celebrations.
En Yamin was particularly impressed to see that students were well prepared when he arrived, earning praises from him saying that effective time management is the fundamentals of bigger things to come.
Augustus House is champions this year. 
Scouts, band members, Cadet Corp, St John boys, librarians and the prefects dressed their best, enthralling all who present. Parents turned up in full force, lending support to their children who took part at the field.

Cadet Corp members strutted their stuff to impress the crowd

Michaelian Military Band members had again enlivened the Sports Day
Our thanks to teachers and students who made the event a tremendous success!
Terima kasih Cikgu semua

Brother Vincent who took time off from his regular office routines obviously looked pleased with the jovial and buoyant atmosphere that day.
See all of you again next year and cheers. It was a good day.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Calling Michaelians from the Class of 1957 and 1958

Mr Li Chiu Suen is 5th from left on the top row, at the back
Old boys Mr Leong Kah Loong, Mr Jimmy Ho and Mr Vincent Chong Chun Chee of Class 1958. Please contact your long lost buddy Mr Li Chiu Suen who is now residing in Australia. Below is the e-mail Mr Li sent in March 2014. Besides expressing his hope to locate his friends, Mr Li also shared with all of us his years at St Michael's and what he is doing currently to pass time.

Li stands between Brother Pius and Brother Vincent
Dear Mr Peter Khiew
I attended SMI in the years of 1957-1958 when Brother Vincent was present.
I sat for The Senior Cambridge Certificate in 1958 and left in 1959 to further my studies in Australia. I wonder if you would be able to assist me in contacting some of my classmates then? To name a few, they were Leong Kah Loong, Jimmy Ho and Vincent Chong Chun Chee. I would also love to hear from others as well, if they still remember me!
Many thanks for your help in anticipation.

Briefly my history and association with SMI : I attended the school in 1957-1958, Form 4 till form 5 and finally sat for the Senior Cambridge Certificate. Principal at that time was Brother Pius. Brother Vincent was also present as well as my Science teacher, Master Eu-Chong and his wife, who taught me Biology. In my final year, Ng Boon Bee was a member of the Thomas Cup team player for Malaya. I was a Science/Maths student and I left to further my studies in Australia ( Sydney, Uni of N.S.W. & Melbourne, Swinburne University and Melbourne State College of Education.) I have been in Aust. since 1959 and had been working as: An Analytical Chemist in the Colonial Sugar Refining Company, Drug Research in CSIRO ( Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation and for 25 years, a Science/Maths teacher at Blackburn High School, in Melbourne. I retired many years ago and since have been tutoring privately in Science, Maths & Chemistry.
I'm married and have 2 sons and 5 grandchildren. I play mahjong and badminton
regularly and socially to kill time! Last but not least, I travel wildly around the world and love cruising around in liners.
Hope there are still many old SMI classmates of 1958-59 do remember me and care to send me a word or two. I love to hear from them and rekindle our friendships!

Note from the Editor: Mr Li, we will send out words through our contacts to all your classmates and friends who were here at St Michael's. At this stage we will take the efforts to trace them, at least to start off with one or two. From here, your e-mail contact will be given to them so that they can contact you directly. Yes, I hope it will be soon all of you can meet to catch up old times. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hello Michaelians and Fans

I was quiet for a few weeks because I need to recover after about 10 ten days of extensive travelling. I was away in Hangzhou, Nanking, Suzhou and Shanghai - covering a loop from the first city to the fourth and later back to the first (Hz) before flying back home.
When school reopened, it was back to the classrooms and carrying out many other miscellaneous school-related tasks.
Dwarfed by a bonsai...a beautifully-sculptured plant at West Lake, Hangzhou, China.
St Michael's, as usual, is as busy as bees and ants. The field, pavilion, basketball court and the very little space at all corners of the school are made use of. On the left, one can see students diligently designing, colouring and touching up their respective class flags. A little to the right, at the edge of the pavilion, the Sixth and Fifth Formers were trying their best to give their very best in their formation as they prepared for the inter-forms march past competition.

Form Three boys, their teacher En Fahmi and their flag design. 
Yes, the SMI Annual Sports Day is coming - June 28, 2014. All classes are currently preparing for the big day ensuring that they look their best in front of the Perak Education Director who will be our Guest-of- Honour.
Form Six students are equally excited and look forward to a great Sports Day.
War veteran and recipient of the country's prestigious gallantry medal, Pingat Gagah Berani, Major Dato Salehuddin gave a talk on patriotism and unity on June 19, 2014.
Speech Day was over last Saturday, June 21, 2014. It was preceded by the traditionally-held Flower Arranging Competition which saw as many as 30 teams taking part, majority were boys who tried their skills for the first time. They did not disappoint as all entries (bouquets) were accorded the honour to adorn the stage for the prize-giving ceremony.
Flower Arranging Competition.. a time to showcase their skills.
SMI old boy class of 1966, Major Dato Salehuddin was our chief guest. Others who graced the occasion were Brother Vincent Corkery, Mr Joseph Michael Lee, former principal of SMI, Mr K. Balasubramaniam, Mr Anthony Lourdes and Mr Thomas Wong.
A warm welcome to the members of the SMI Alumni Klang Valley. 
The SMI Alumni Klang Valley members, led by their President Mr Michael Lip organised a home-coming trip to the alma mater on June 20, 2014. They brought cheers to 75 students who received bursary of RM200 each. A student representative Choong Yiing Yee said in her speech, "as we all know, each year we, the many recipients rely on your initiative. It is not the size of the gift but the number of alumni who give under the "Michaelians Give Back Fund" that matters most. When many alumni give a little back, together they make a big difference through their collective generosity.
Over to you Michaelians -- SMI Principal Mdm Loh Wei Seng receiving the bursary of RM15,000 from SMI Alumni president Mr Michael Lip on behalf of the deserving students, 75 of them.
Even Charles Moreira, a committee member, sponsored two units of laptops to the school. Now students have more devices to use for their research.
Undivided support from the alumni is what keeps us going. Despite the busy and hectic schedules, the members of the Alumni are always there for our dear alma mater and also the children of the school".
Well said!
Teachers who are chronically ill and on long term treatments are also not forgotten. The alumni extended to them a token of appreciation - despite their conditions, their dedication and commitment towards the pupils and alma mater stay strong.
That's all for now.
Best wishes and cheers from us at St Michael's Ipoh.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More Reports Coming Up...

Exams are going to be over soon - the mid-year exams. Form One right up to Form Five. Upper Six students have another day to go. Pupils are getting excited so do the teachers mainly because once exams are over, holidays are coming.
The school is currently preparing for a few major events - the Sports Day, the Speech Day and SMI Open Day or Parents' Day.
We had a couple of hours break on 16 May 2014 because of Teacher's Day. We read the "Teacher's Pledge" infront of our students and later sang the lively "Kami Guru Malaysia" song.

The Pledge
Bahawasanya kami
Guru – guru negara Malaysia
Dengan ini berikrar
Mendukung terus cita – cita kami
Terhadap tugas kami
Dan menyatakan keyakinan kami
Pada cita-cita murni pekerjaan kami
Kami akan berbakti
Kepada masyarakat
Dan negara kami.
Kami sentiasa menjunjung
Perlembagaan negara
Kami mengamalkan
Prinsip – prinsip Rukun Negara
Pada setiap masa

Teachers were entertained by the Michaelian Military Band, a thoughtful gesture the boys are carrying out every year without fail. We feel appreciated. Public performances like this need practice, plenty of practice. Despite being busy with other external invitations, the boys reserved their little energy for the day.
Barely three weeks here at St Michael's, Lower 6 students had already wanted to contribute something for the 138 teachers - two groups of students entertained the teachers with two songs that inspired. The celebrations ended around 9am after which students came over to wish their teachers.
A day before, we were treated to a good lunch - courtesy of the PIBG- cut some cakes and had the opportunity to say thank you to Mr Joseph Michael Lee and his committee for upgrading our dining area - which we named, SMI Teacher's Diner. A very informal ceremony was held to officiate and grace the room.

Now, it's back at the classrooms -  back to our core business.
"A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart". I believe this will serve as a guiding principle for all teachers at SMI.

Note: Photos coming up.. plenty of them.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Heritage Play @ La Salle Centre, Ipoh.

Dear Member Associations of MFOLSA,

The 24th National Lasallian Leadership Convention, a leadership training programme for leaders in our secondary schools, will be held from Wednesday 11th June to Saturday 14th June 2014 at La Salle Centre in Ipoh.
Isaac Stephen, the programme director, is once again extending an invitation to MFOLSA to witness this showcase event, and at the same time foster the bond between La Salle Centre and MFOLSA. Our presence is expected for only one day of our choice. Transport and accommodation will not be provided.
The 11th night is the Heritage Play and 12th June starts the sessions proper.
I propose to go in time for the Heritage Play and return the next evening/night, but am open to majority vote of those who wish to go.
Please contact me by 23rd May 2014 if you are interested in this invitation to give our host time to prepare their logistics.

David Foo
e-mail :
We are Lasallians

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brother Vincent Tells His Story....."Life Ever Dawning"

31 December 1957 - the last day of the year! Approaching Ipoh the landscape below pockmarked with tin mines as far as the eye could see. I took a taxi to St Michael's through busy traffic dominated by heavy trucks transporting tin ore to Butterworth. Passing over Brewster Bridge I could see up river the dulang washers, busily sifting tin from the river bed.. Yes, I had arrived in the Kinta Valley the richest tin-mining valley and Ipoh the tin mining capital of the worlds...
On arrival there was nobody about. I was surprised at .........

That was the excerpt from the book, Life Ever Dawning, an autobiography of Dato' Brother Vincent Corkery.  In his foreword, Brother Anthony Rogers notes that through Brother Vincent's vivid recollection of the past, he skillfully gleans from his seemingly mundane daily experiences and transforms them into Lessons from the Past as Light for our Future. 
"..will be inspired by his words since all of us have been surely touched by his life" - Bro Rogers. 

I personally reckon that the book skillfully chronicles events, encounters and memories that are close to his heart, not only Brother Vincent's years at St Michael's or the early years in Ireland but the people he met and a lengthy description of old Ipoh during those years. 
In my written tribute, I mentioned that, "he chose the difficult road so that the journey of millions of others might be a little easier, and for that fact alone, we need not look far - Brother Vincent makes himself available to us".
Brother Vincent and Mr Michael Lip at the book launch during the SMI Alumni Klang Valley Annual Dinner on 26 April 2014.
The books are available in St Michael's Institution, Ipoh (walk-in or email for appointment, Alternatively, call Mr Michael Lip ( 019-2225660) or Ms Helen Lip (019-2216366) to get a copy of this marvellous book. An unsigned copy is priced at RM30 each and a signed one is RM50. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

An Email From An Old Boy..remembering his former teacher

Dear Mr. Khiew,
I am writing to enquire if you could assist me in contacting my former tutor, Mr. Lee Kah Chee.(Maths Teacher, Retired 1987)
My name is Subhash Chandran, I was the Class Monitor of Form 5 Arts 1 (Class 1987). The year Mr. Lee Kah Chee retired in November 1987. He was very inspirational with my studies, especially my Maths.
I left Malaysia in 1989 to study in London and have been a UK resident here ever since.
I am planning a visit to Malaysia in May 2014 and would like to contact Mr. Lee and thank him personally.
Thank you for your prompt reply and your dedication to the Michaelian blog. I do enjoy reading your news from abroad. I am pleased to hear that Master Lee is in good health. If you do speak to him please remind him that I was the student who baked cakes as a gesture of gratitude.
I will be in Ipoh from 6th to 8th May and then catching a train to Penang.
I will scan the classroom photograph of 87 and send it to you.

......  a day later .......

As promised here is the photograph of Form 5 Arts 1.
It is with great interest and pleasure as a former Michaelian to read your blog from far afield.
I am writing firstly to congratulate you on your remarkable dedication on giving us Old Michaelians abroad snippets into the daily like of our alma mater. I read with pride of the achievements we Michaelian continue to produce.
I first joined St. Michael’s primary (One) in 1981 as a Standard 4 pupil and left in September 1989, (Form Six) to London to complete my A-Levels and I have remained here ever since.
I feel I owe the countless teachers who taught me over the years naming a few Mr. Herbert Spykerman (1984 Form 1 – Agricultural Science Teacher, Mr. Lee Kah Chee (1988 Form 5 Arts One – Maths Teacher), Brother Vincent( who enrolled me into West Side Story(1987) aged 16, youngest cast) and the late Brother Ultan Paul (my Bible Knowledge teacher)
I wasn’t born an academic and I must admit that I was few of the lazy ones who was happy to scrape pass my exams until I encountered Mr Lee Kah Chee in 1988 as my Maths teacher. I had no interest in Maths or lessons when I was in Form 4(constantly getting red marks in my report card). Mr Lee found a way in teaching and connecting with us unruly boys and suddenly I found myself actually enjoying Mathematics. He was and an exceptional teacher but even greater is that he was a truly inspirational man. A man of few words but his teaching did all the talking and so did the way he conducted himself. A true gentlemen. He always had time to show students like myself who are eager to learn even during his break time in the staff room. He would not turn you away if you cannot solve a problem. His method of teaching was exemplifying and it has held a lasting impression in one as myself and countless other I am sure.
1988 was also to be his final year of before retirement but something strange happened one morning with three months prior to our SPM examinations, the inter bell rang for the next lesson to begin and in came a new Maths teacher… usual we greeted him and my first question to the teacher was ‘ Where is Mr Lee?
He did not reply and ask us to continue with our lesson. Mr Lee had an aura about him and was able to hold his students in complete silence and utter concentration when teaching. No explanation was given as to why we were deprived of Mr Lee when it was crucial with the exams approaching. We watched Mr Lee for the next 3 days going to teach the Science Stream classroom.
I felt my duty as the Class Monitor to speak to my fellow classmates. We all agreed that we should write a petition to the Bro. Director, Brother Vincent. I wrote the letter and each and every one of my fellow classmates signed the letter. We then marched in silence to the Bro. Directors office. I and my deputy Nava handed the letter to Brother Vincent and went back quietly to our classroom. Nothing else was said. (I am sure Bro.Vincent would remember this incident).
The following day when the school bell rang for the Maths lesson, in walked MR. LEE KAH CHEE! I have never heard a chorus of boys greeting any teacher so overwhelmingly. The mood of the classroom changed at that very moment and nothing else was said about the matter and the lesson continued as usual. It was done in a very Michaelian spirit, the gentle way that all the Brothers instilled in us through their actions. Mr Lee remained our Maths teacher until his retirement day, few weeks before our exams. I got 85% in Maths – which considering a year before in Form 4, I was only achieving 0-10%.
I never saw him again after his retirement day and moved to England soon after the SPM results were announced and have remained since.
I have never been able to say to him- THANK YOU SIR, without his inspiration and guidance I would not be the person where I am today. He gave me an opportunity and countless others (who are not super achievers) a platform to start in life and I can happily say that I have never forgotten it.
I have a good career in London and now a permanent resident in the United Kingdom, thanks to Mr. Lee’s guidance.
I would appreciate if you could pass my heartfelt thanks to Mr Lee and hope very much to see him on my visit to Ipoh soon.

Master Lee Kah Chee( Second from left) and the writer Subhash (seated, second from right) 
The photograph attached is of the group- (Form Five Arts 1 1988) who marched to Bro. Vincent’s office. Mr. Lee obliged our request for a photo shoot with our classroom teacher.

From the Editor: Thank you Subhash for the write up which has obviously brighten up our day. Drop by at SMI when you are here in Ipoh. Have an enjoyable trip back to Malaysia. 

A Roundup of Events At The Alma Mater- Part 2

Our SMI cagers with the Principal and their adviser Cikgu Adi. Our boys fought valiantly. Hats off to them for their fighting spirit.
Meveeqhen, Michaelian of the Year 2013, continues to make the school proud - he broke all records for shot putt at the state's sports meet and will represent Malaysia at the 9th SEA Youth Athletics Championship in Myanmar.

Unity is our strength. 
Michaelians still keep very strongly to the La Sallian ideals of Faith, Service and Community.

Lam Jia Wen, who aspires to take up accountancy, scored all As in her STPM. With her are her family members and school principal Mdm Loh. 

Twins Phan Wai Yuen and Phan Wai Kin also scored 4As in the STPM.
Both plan to be accountants. 
Pn Wan Norliza, fourth from right, has been transferred to Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman (STAR). We wish her well in her new school.
St Michael's Institution, Ipoh - a school we cherish and honour. As I write this, news just came that Meveeqhen bagged home a gold in his pet event - shot putt in the Youth Athletics Championship in Myanmar. The principal has proudly announced this achievement to the teachers. Coming up next....more news on SMI Ipoh.
Cheers and best wishes from me in Ipoh.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Roundup Of Events At Our Alma Mater

Phew...What a hectic life we had in St Michael's Ipoh. It was virtually non-stop as almost daily, one, two or more things take place. Three days after the school drama, despite a bit worn out, we straight away embarked on other things. Well, Michaelians have learnt to be resilient and pliable. Brother Vincent once said Michaelians can adapt to whatever situations. Yes, that makes us tick! Below are some of the things we carry out at St Michael's.

SMI Pasukan Kadet Bersatu Malaysia (PKMB) or Cadet Corp members undergoing training. Army personnel volunteer their services.
School workers repairing damaged desks as part of the school's austerity drive.  
The principal unveiling a banner in conjunction with the "Say No to Cigarettes, Drugs and Inhalants Week". With her are senior assistants and the school counsellor. 
Brother John D' Cruz had a session with the teachers sharing his thought on the Lasallian values. Among the areas he touched on were his reasons for setting up the La Salle Learning Centres and how he views education today. Brother John, former Brother Director at St George's Taiping said real education is about individuals, nobody feels neglected or marginalised. Real education empowers and is wholesome. 
Primary school students helping the teachers with some sports equipment. The education ministry has given approval for the two primary schools to merge.  
Cikgu Sohot Surdi calls it quits after more than 30 years in the teaching line. St Michael's wishes him, "Happy Retirement and Best Wishes". 
Tan Wei Shern, a prolific junior writer is truly ambitious. He is currently producing a book on the history of the Michaelian Military Band. Wei Shern, who scored 9As in the SPM, currently waits for news whether he will be chosen for Form Six.  
Below is an e-mail from Tan. See how we can assist this young man.

Since there will be an Annual Dinner by the SMI Alumni Klang Valley Association on the 26th April , I feel that it is the right time to further contact more former bandsmen to assist in this project. I have most of the information now but there are certain people from certain "eras" that I could not contact yet. This is to fill up the empty spaces between the main facts by getting them to provide their experiences which are mostly not mentioned by the school magazine. The people that I wish to get in contact with right now are :
1) Office Bearers of 1968 (Military Band -exclude the Drum Major)
2) Office Bearers of 1972 (Military Band -exclude the Drum Major)
3) Office Bearers of 1981 and 1982 (Military Band - Including the Drum Major of 1982)
4) Office Bearers of 1987 (Military Band -exclude the Drum Major)
5) Office Bearers of 1982 (Cadet Corps of Drums -exclude the Drum Major)
6) Office Bearers of 1984 (Cadet Corps of Drums -Including the Drum Major )
7) Drum Major or Office Bearers of 1985 (Cadet Corps Of Drums)
8) Any bandsman from these years : 1973-1977 , 1978-1982 , 1986-1990 , 1991-1995 , 1996-2000 , 2003
For number 8 , the band member has to have gone through those years that I have mentioned in the Military Band. E.g : A band member whose last year in 1977 had undergone at least five years in the band with his first year being 1973.

9) Any band member with about five years of membership in the Cadet Corps of Drums from the 60s and 80s. (Preferably : 1965-1969 , 1980 /1981-1985 )

I hope this is not too much to ask as my targeted deadline of ending my compilation of facts is by the end of this month. I plan to resume my studies in Form 6 and would not want to be too busy with this project. If it is possible to contact everyone before the Annual Dinner , it is even better. I suggest that you ,Sir get help from Mr.Michael Lip to attempt in contacting the people that I have stated above. They are to contact me by the email address :

Tan, I hope our former Michaelian bandmen or those who know them could spread the word around.