Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chinese New Year Celebration At SMI

The boys who put up the decorations for that Chinese New Year was worth the efforts! Welcoming the year of the Horse.

2014 year of the blue horse, typography, calligraphy. Happy New Year. - stock vector
Look how hard they least to play a part in preserving the Chinese New Year tradition at St Michael's Ipoh.

The emergence of the lion excites the students. 

The teachers too joined in the celebrations
The school administrators were equally thrilled when a lion approached them. The Principal, as the Head of the institution, was presented with a gift. 
The season drums won the hearts of the audience with their beats and rhythms, ushering in a year which is good, exciting and welcoming. 

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Melvin Phun said...

would love to see our own lion dance in action :) Mr.Khiew, can post a video of the lion in action? :D