Thursday, February 20, 2014

Exciting Times At St Michael's Ipoh

The Michaelian Run was held on February 8, 2014, attended by some 1000 Michaelians who completed the race in such a joyous mood. As I mentioned on Tweeter @peterkhiew, it was not to see who won the race but to "cross the country" in one big Michaelian family. Some walked and some ran but it was to finish the race that gave the students a sense of satisfaction and achievement. 
At the end of the race, everyone was a winner, and that made the Run historic. We thank Dato' Brother Vincent Corkery, PIBG chairman Mr Joseph Michael Lee, Mr Andrew Leong, Mr Anthony Lourdes for joining in the fun. It was a run meaningful for all. 

The date coincided with the Ninth Day of the Chinese New Year which was the New Year for the Hokkien community. When it was announced that the Michaelian Run day was also the birthday of the principal (who is also a Hokkien) of St Michael's Institution, Ipoh, the participants and teachers roared with excitement. The birthday song was sung for Madam Loh by the 1000-strong Michaelians! 

The Run ended with the singing of the School Rally. All went home happily.
Cheers from us at SMI.

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