Monday, March 10, 2014

Yes, honesty still exists at SMI

The young honest boy with Cikgu Sidik (left) and Cikgu Sohot.
Pravielana s/o Patmansritharan, a Form Two boy was walking along La Salle Auditorium when he saw a wallet. He knew what he had to do. He picked the leather wallet up, walked to the staff room and asked where was Cikgu Sidik, the afternoon session senior assistant. The blogger happened to be with Cikgu Sidik, Cikgu Azhar and Cikgu Sohot discussing about the hottest topic of the day – the missing MH370.
The young lad walked up to him and showed the wallet to Cikgu Sidik and told Cikgu Sidik about his encounter.  Upon checking, there were two stacks of notes and many other cards. The teachers in the staff room came up to him and congratulated him for his honesty. He flushed a little. Nevertheless, he knew he did something he was proud of.
The young boy was brought up well by his parents and that was demonstrated through his action – not taking what was not his. He walked back to the classroom with his head held high! He has made his parents and school proud.
Perhaps the school can arrange for special slots during the weekly assembly to recognise and salute these boys who choose to do the right things.
Onward Michaelians United and True.