Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Roundup Of Events At Our Alma Mater

Phew...What a hectic life we had in St Michael's Ipoh. It was virtually non-stop as almost daily, one, two or more things take place. Three days after the school drama, despite a bit worn out, we straight away embarked on other things. Well, Michaelians have learnt to be resilient and pliable. Brother Vincent once said Michaelians can adapt to whatever situations. Yes, that makes us tick! Below are some of the things we carry out at St Michael's.

SMI Pasukan Kadet Bersatu Malaysia (PKMB) or Cadet Corp members undergoing training. Army personnel volunteer their services.
School workers repairing damaged desks as part of the school's austerity drive.  
The principal unveiling a banner in conjunction with the "Say No to Cigarettes, Drugs and Inhalants Week". With her are senior assistants and the school counsellor. 
Brother John D' Cruz had a session with the teachers sharing his thought on the Lasallian values. Among the areas he touched on were his reasons for setting up the La Salle Learning Centres and how he views education today. Brother John, former Brother Director at St George's Taiping said real education is about individuals, nobody feels neglected or marginalised. Real education empowers and is wholesome. 
Primary school students helping the teachers with some sports equipment. The education ministry has given approval for the two primary schools to merge.  
Cikgu Sohot Surdi calls it quits after more than 30 years in the teaching line. St Michael's wishes him, "Happy Retirement and Best Wishes". 
Tan Wei Shern, a prolific junior writer is truly ambitious. He is currently producing a book on the history of the Michaelian Military Band. Wei Shern, who scored 9As in the SPM, currently waits for news whether he will be chosen for Form Six.  
Below is an e-mail from Tan. See how we can assist this young man.

Since there will be an Annual Dinner by the SMI Alumni Klang Valley Association on the 26th April , I feel that it is the right time to further contact more former bandsmen to assist in this project. I have most of the information now but there are certain people from certain "eras" that I could not contact yet. This is to fill up the empty spaces between the main facts by getting them to provide their experiences which are mostly not mentioned by the school magazine. The people that I wish to get in contact with right now are :
1) Office Bearers of 1968 (Military Band -exclude the Drum Major)
2) Office Bearers of 1972 (Military Band -exclude the Drum Major)
3) Office Bearers of 1981 and 1982 (Military Band - Including the Drum Major of 1982)
4) Office Bearers of 1987 (Military Band -exclude the Drum Major)
5) Office Bearers of 1982 (Cadet Corps of Drums -exclude the Drum Major)
6) Office Bearers of 1984 (Cadet Corps of Drums -Including the Drum Major )
7) Drum Major or Office Bearers of 1985 (Cadet Corps Of Drums)
8) Any bandsman from these years : 1973-1977 , 1978-1982 , 1986-1990 , 1991-1995 , 1996-2000 , 2003
For number 8 , the band member has to have gone through those years that I have mentioned in the Military Band. E.g : A band member whose last year in 1977 had undergone at least five years in the band with his first year being 1973.

9) Any band member with about five years of membership in the Cadet Corps of Drums from the 60s and 80s. (Preferably : 1965-1969 , 1980 /1981-1985 )

I hope this is not too much to ask as my targeted deadline of ending my compilation of facts is by the end of this month. I plan to resume my studies in Form 6 and would not want to be too busy with this project. If it is possible to contact everyone before the Annual Dinner , it is even better. I suggest that you ,Sir get help from Mr.Michael Lip to attempt in contacting the people that I have stated above. They are to contact me by the email address : mmbhistorybook2014@gmail.com

Tan, I hope our former Michaelian bandmen or those who know them could spread the word around.

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