Thursday, May 15, 2014

Heritage Play @ La Salle Centre, Ipoh.

Dear Member Associations of MFOLSA,

The 24th National Lasallian Leadership Convention, a leadership training programme for leaders in our secondary schools, will be held from Wednesday 11th June to Saturday 14th June 2014 at La Salle Centre in Ipoh.
Isaac Stephen, the programme director, is once again extending an invitation to MFOLSA to witness this showcase event, and at the same time foster the bond between La Salle Centre and MFOLSA. Our presence is expected for only one day of our choice. Transport and accommodation will not be provided.
The 11th night is the Heritage Play and 12th June starts the sessions proper.
I propose to go in time for the Heritage Play and return the next evening/night, but am open to majority vote of those who wish to go.
Please contact me by 23rd May 2014 if you are interested in this invitation to give our host time to prepare their logistics.

David Foo
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