Wednesday, July 02, 2014

St Michael's 87th Sports Day. It Was A Good Outing

Yes, a picture tells a thousand words
United & True was the order of the day as Michaelians strove, worked and marched valiantly at the 87th Sports Day. Prior to the big day, all students rallied in unity to design class T-shirts and the customary class flags, ensuring that the each flag carried its signature hallmark and the message they wanted to portray.
Needless to say, students remembered the theme which was launched beginning of the year and the gist we advocated.
Sports Day about to was the 87th.
As Michaelians, we are strong when we are united and true. United means we do not stand alone, we stand together. We learn to do within our class, where we make sure no one is left out or left behind. To have strong class spirit, we make sure everyone is part of the group. In this way we are not only UNITED but also TRUE, true to our ourselves and true to each other. That was pivotal in making many things possible at SMI.
The 02 Kinta scouts marched proudly
Principal Pn Loh Wei Seng with En Yamin from the Education Department, our chief guest.
Sixty one classes took part in the march past. It was the participation that mattered. Students worked and practised very hard. Class spirit was clearly demonstrated.
The Principal and Mr Thomas Wong inspecting the march past performed by the students.
In his speech, the chief guest En Yamin bin Zakaria, head of the Student Affair division at the Perak State Education Department said he could see very active participation and involvement of all students especially in the designing of class flags, march past, duties at the field, ushering of guests and orderliness of students.
How jubilant the students were! They are going to miss this when they complete their studies 
The winning team of the Lower Six category
The Upper Six category champions 
Former principal of SMI, Mr Balasubramaniam also joined in the celebrations.
En Yamin was particularly impressed to see that students were well prepared when he arrived, earning praises from him saying that effective time management is the fundamentals of bigger things to come.
Augustus House is champions this year. 
Scouts, band members, Cadet Corp, St John boys, librarians and the prefects dressed their best, enthralling all who present. Parents turned up in full force, lending support to their children who took part at the field.

Cadet Corp members strutted their stuff to impress the crowd

Michaelian Military Band members had again enlivened the Sports Day
Our thanks to teachers and students who made the event a tremendous success!
Terima kasih Cikgu semua

Brother Vincent who took time off from his regular office routines obviously looked pleased with the jovial and buoyant atmosphere that day.
See all of you again next year and cheers. It was a good day.

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