Thursday, January 02, 2014

Welcome Back, fellow Michaelians

After more than 45 days of break, it's time of the year again to start the new school term. There will be teachers in class on the first day to ensure that lessons are carried out.Timetables will be given out by your form teachers so that you will know which teacher is teaching what.
For a more conducive teaching and learning process, do ensure that your class is kept tidy and clean at all time.
St Michael's is going on austerity drive so we hope that every Michaelian is supportive in assisting the school. No need to switch on the lights when the sun is bright outside. Use natural lights instead. Use the fans sparingly.
Stay smart... ties are worn neatly, hair short and tidy and always carry the pride of being Michaelians.
Class unity will be our focus of the year. Get to know one another. Help one another. This gesture is obvious every year during Sports Day when everyone, with the help of their teachers, helps to design class flags, encourage one another to perfect one's marching skills and to make sure the class stands out.
This class spirit can be extended to helping your weaker friends in class. Help them in Maths or History. Lend them notes and explain to them how to solve the equation. This is Michaelian spirit. The spirit to ensure that no one is left behind or left out.
Go another step further by organising an outing to old folks homes, orphanages or have recycling programs. Discuss with your teachers about your desire to reach out to the last, the lost and the least.
Take care of the school. Always treat the tables and chairs as your own. When you see a piece of paper at the field, at the corridor or near the door, pick it up. All of us can make St Michael's Institution a very special school. 
Welcome back Michaelians.