Friday, June 27, 2014

Calling Michaelians from the Class of 1957 and 1958

Mr Li Chiu Suen is 5th from left on the top row, at the back
Old boys Mr Leong Kah Loong, Mr Jimmy Ho and Mr Vincent Chong Chun Chee of Class 1958. Please contact your long lost buddy Mr Li Chiu Suen who is now residing in Australia. Below is the e-mail Mr Li sent in March 2014. Besides expressing his hope to locate his friends, Mr Li also shared with all of us his years at St Michael's and what he is doing currently to pass time.

Li stands between Brother Pius and Brother Vincent
Dear Mr Peter Khiew
I attended SMI in the years of 1957-1958 when Brother Vincent was present.
I sat for The Senior Cambridge Certificate in 1958 and left in 1959 to further my studies in Australia. I wonder if you would be able to assist me in contacting some of my classmates then? To name a few, they were Leong Kah Loong, Jimmy Ho and Vincent Chong Chun Chee. I would also love to hear from others as well, if they still remember me!
Many thanks for your help in anticipation.

Briefly my history and association with SMI : I attended the school in 1957-1958, Form 4 till form 5 and finally sat for the Senior Cambridge Certificate. Principal at that time was Brother Pius. Brother Vincent was also present as well as my Science teacher, Master Eu-Chong and his wife, who taught me Biology. In my final year, Ng Boon Bee was a member of the Thomas Cup team player for Malaya. I was a Science/Maths student and I left to further my studies in Australia ( Sydney, Uni of N.S.W. & Melbourne, Swinburne University and Melbourne State College of Education.) I have been in Aust. since 1959 and had been working as: An Analytical Chemist in the Colonial Sugar Refining Company, Drug Research in CSIRO ( Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation and for 25 years, a Science/Maths teacher at Blackburn High School, in Melbourne. I retired many years ago and since have been tutoring privately in Science, Maths & Chemistry.
I'm married and have 2 sons and 5 grandchildren. I play mahjong and badminton
regularly and socially to kill time! Last but not least, I travel wildly around the world and love cruising around in liners.
Hope there are still many old SMI classmates of 1958-59 do remember me and care to send me a word or two. I love to hear from them and rekindle our friendships!

Note from the Editor: Mr Li, we will send out words through our contacts to all your classmates and friends who were here at St Michael's. At this stage we will take the efforts to trace them, at least to start off with one or two. From here, your e-mail contact will be given to them so that they can contact you directly. Yes, I hope it will be soon all of you can meet to catch up old times. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hello Michaelians and Fans

I was quiet for a few weeks because I need to recover after about 10 ten days of extensive travelling. I was away in Hangzhou, Nanking, Suzhou and Shanghai - covering a loop from the first city to the fourth and later back to the first (Hz) before flying back home.
When school reopened, it was back to the classrooms and carrying out many other miscellaneous school-related tasks.
Dwarfed by a bonsai...a beautifully-sculptured plant at West Lake, Hangzhou, China.
St Michael's, as usual, is as busy as bees and ants. The field, pavilion, basketball court and the very little space at all corners of the school are made use of. On the left, one can see students diligently designing, colouring and touching up their respective class flags. A little to the right, at the edge of the pavilion, the Sixth and Fifth Formers were trying their best to give their very best in their formation as they prepared for the inter-forms march past competition.

Form Three boys, their teacher En Fahmi and their flag design. 
Yes, the SMI Annual Sports Day is coming - June 28, 2014. All classes are currently preparing for the big day ensuring that they look their best in front of the Perak Education Director who will be our Guest-of- Honour.
Form Six students are equally excited and look forward to a great Sports Day.
War veteran and recipient of the country's prestigious gallantry medal, Pingat Gagah Berani, Major Dato Salehuddin gave a talk on patriotism and unity on June 19, 2014.
Speech Day was over last Saturday, June 21, 2014. It was preceded by the traditionally-held Flower Arranging Competition which saw as many as 30 teams taking part, majority were boys who tried their skills for the first time. They did not disappoint as all entries (bouquets) were accorded the honour to adorn the stage for the prize-giving ceremony.
Flower Arranging Competition.. a time to showcase their skills.
SMI old boy class of 1966, Major Dato Salehuddin was our chief guest. Others who graced the occasion were Brother Vincent Corkery, Mr Joseph Michael Lee, former principal of SMI, Mr K. Balasubramaniam, Mr Anthony Lourdes and Mr Thomas Wong.
A warm welcome to the members of the SMI Alumni Klang Valley. 
The SMI Alumni Klang Valley members, led by their President Mr Michael Lip organised a home-coming trip to the alma mater on June 20, 2014. They brought cheers to 75 students who received bursary of RM200 each. A student representative Choong Yiing Yee said in her speech, "as we all know, each year we, the many recipients rely on your initiative. It is not the size of the gift but the number of alumni who give under the "Michaelians Give Back Fund" that matters most. When many alumni give a little back, together they make a big difference through their collective generosity.
Over to you Michaelians -- SMI Principal Mdm Loh Wei Seng receiving the bursary of RM15,000 from SMI Alumni president Mr Michael Lip on behalf of the deserving students, 75 of them.
Even Charles Moreira, a committee member, sponsored two units of laptops to the school. Now students have more devices to use for their research.
Undivided support from the alumni is what keeps us going. Despite the busy and hectic schedules, the members of the Alumni are always there for our dear alma mater and also the children of the school".
Well said!
Teachers who are chronically ill and on long term treatments are also not forgotten. The alumni extended to them a token of appreciation - despite their conditions, their dedication and commitment towards the pupils and alma mater stay strong.
That's all for now.
Best wishes and cheers from us at St Michael's Ipoh.