Monday, December 21, 2015

Bobby Chew Passes On

Announcement: Got a call from Mr Anthony Lourdes, secretary of the OMA that Master Bobby Chew Yat Sun has passed on two days ago. Master Bobby was an ex-OMA committee member. Wake will be at Canning Garden Methodist Church at 8.30pm on 21 December 2015. Funeral service at the same church on 22 December 2015 at 10am, to be followed by cremation at Kek Lok Seah crematorium in Bercham. 
On behalf of the Michaelian community, we extend our deepest condolence to his son, Alvin Chew and his family.
May his soul rest in peace.
This article was written on Friday, August 24, 2007 to honour Master Chew Yat Sun.
Through The Corridor Of St Michael's Primary-Remembering Our Teachers
Picture One: "That's how you dribble a ball, boys", said Bobby Chew to his pupils. (1962)
Picture Two: Bobby with a pack of "wolf cubs" (anak serigala). The teacher Miss Lim Cheng Gaik (fourth from left) later became Mrs Bobby Chew. (1962)

Picture Three: Bobby Chew( back row, third from right) and teachers of SMI in 1962. HM that time was Mr Lim Guan Choe. 

Said Bobby Chew: My contributions to SMI Primary could go on and on, but I maintain that if more Old Michaelians lend a helping hand, the society would have a more pleasant place to live in.

I have always been inspired and guided by this saying, "I come this way but once, whatever I can do, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again". There is no more gratifying and satisfying than to see the appreciation and the faces of someone you have helped.

During his 25 years in SMI, teacher Bobby Chew had contributed some RM120,000 for SMI, through his personal efforts by going from shops to shops, neighbours, church members and people on the streets. His colleagues, parents and pupils remember his warm, pleasant and approachable personality, the traits of a worthy Michaelian. Currently, Bobby Chew is a committee member of the Old Michaelians Association.
Note: Mr Bobby Chew, 66 this year, started teaching in SMI beginning 1962 and retired in 1996, years of illustrious and dedicated service in producing and grooming thousands of pupils, who I believe, still remember this man who firmly advocates a vibrant Michaelian spirit among the fraternity. On his last day of service, on Sept 25, 1996, Brother Ultan Paul presented Mr Bobby Chew with a plaque with the inscription, " A Token Of Sincere Appreciation From The LaSalle Brothers For Excellent Service At St Michael's Institution, Ipoh."

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes

From all of us at St Michael's Ipoh,
HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Note: This shot was captured by a drone!

More Stories From the Alma Mater

The school cadet boys handing over the National flag to the scouts in conjunction with the National Day which was held in August 2015. The ceremony, marking the end of the month-long celebration, was witnessed by teachers and students, 
The newly-elected Michaelian Prefectorial Board which is headed by Mr Karunagaran. He has done an excellent job in guiding and producing young leaders among Michaelians. Our hats off to Mr Karu. Looking on is Madam Principal.  
Our boys playing the Indian drums during assembly. Traditional music like this has to be continuously appreciated by the young.  At SMI, we preserve this tradition, 
A picture for the album - taken at Mr Adrian Tsen's son wedding at Pusing Mun Choong Restaurant, Ipoh.  From right ..Brother Matthew Bay, Mr Anthony Lourdes, Dr Brother Patrick, Brother Vincent and Mr Joseph Lau from St George's Taiping. 
Best wishes and greetings from us all at St Michael's Ipoh.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Friday, November 20, 2015

Another Update After A (Long) While

The year is coming to an end - a rather eventful and meaningful year at St Michael's. This year is laden with many happenings and events which involve students, old boys, teachers and of course the Ipoh community as well.
SMI is always a school which advocates the La Sallian's call for Faith, Service and Community.
We celebrated Dato' Brother Vincent Corkery's 87th birthday on 2 November 2015. The Michaelian community led by the Principal Madam Chan Nyook Ying, together with teachers, school leaders and fellow Michaelians were at the La Salle Centre to sing Happy Birthday song for a dear man we always consider our patriarch. Members of the Old Michaelians Association and the PIBG were also there to honour Brother Vincent.
A 3-member Michaelian Military Band came a calling to render an amazing song to cheer up the day, much to the delight of those who turned up.
Another update which we need to highlight, a subject which is close to the heart of fellow Michaelians - we have drama in 2016 - FROZEN! a movie which made the song, "Let It Go", popular. Miss Corrinne Mah will be directing the play.

   Image result for frozen
Coming soon in April 2016 - reservation opens - e-mail: and be assured of a ticket.

Adrian Lai, old Michaelian, former debater and public speaker hands over a cheque to the Principal Mdm Chan Nyook Ying,  He is currently the director of Reservoir Production. Our appreciation to Adrian Lai.
A message to fellow Michaelians .. Adrian Lai is being interviewed by members of the Editorial Board, which article will be featured in this year's magazine - The Michaelian.
Bryson Chee is the top reader in school. He represented St Michael's Ipoh at the Zone Level NILAM  competition. It's time we produce more readers, emulating this young man. Seen here are Pn Shaw Wani, the library adviser and Principal Mdm Chan.
Master Darren Leong represented Malaysia at the Asia Spelling Cup 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand. He finished 2nd. Darren was crowned the National Champion at the RHB-NST Spell-It-Right Competition  2015. He was also the state champion. Darren is fourth from right.
Boys from the Class of 1990 who visited the alma mater to rekindle their memories. Here they pay a visit to the Michaelian Heritage Gallery. 
Boys from the Class of 90. They acted like school boys when they were here, the same day when the OMA dinner was held. Visits like this are strongly encouraged as fellowship is forged and bonding is strengthened. 

The story of the day goes to our very special guy - Mr Herbert, a lab assistant, who never fails to render medical assistance to virtually any student who comes to him to have a finger treated for cuts or a knee which needs a little acriflavin (yellow solution). This boy had a fall and he knew exactly where to get the treatment - the science lab where Mr Herbert is always available.
St Michael's salutes Mr Herbert for his unwavering dedication and service to the school community. He deserves our utmost respect. For me, he is truly a Michaelian:

Signing off,

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Dear Old Michaelians,

Greetings of Peace!
It is always a joy to send my message to your annual Reunion. Allow me to share my reflection on the meaning of Quis Ut Deus, your school motto.
Your Alma Mater’s motto: Quis Ut Deus in English is: “Who is like God?” This is the translated meaning of ‘Michael’, the Angelic Warrior, Guardian of Paradise. The question is as haunting as it is triumphant. “Who is like God?

Implicit in your motto is that any old boy of SMI is a man who is righteous, willing to be of service to society; someone who lives the Lasallian Core Values of Faith, Service, and Community.

A quick glance of the roster of past teachers and Old Michaelians is evidence of this.

You have excellent teachers such as Mr.N.C. Thomas (1960s) taught English and English Literature for Forms 4 and 5. Who took special care of students who did not show much academic promise.

You have Student-Athletes who took prove to us that athletics can bring out the best in us such Vincent Arokiadoss (Michaelian 1970s) who was selected to play for Malaysia U-21 in the Asian Youtj Soccer Tournamnent in Teheran (1970). Vincent was a key player for Kinta Indian Association and the Telecoms in the Ipoh League.

And how can I forget, you have with you a Brother whom I feel is the epitome of Serving God: Br. Vincent Corkery, awarded the Dato Paduka Mahkota Perak (DPMP) award in 2010.

Dear Old Michalians, if I were to list all your notable teachers, Brothers, and old boys, I would fill up all the pages of this souvenir. The three notable examples I cited above make my heart swell up with pride that we have a school in the Lasallian District that have taken to heart the question: Who is like God? You have responded to it by living exemplary lives. I sincerely wish that you continue to live up to the legacy you have received from SMI.

I offer you my warm congratulations and fraternal regards in your annual reunion.

In St. La Salle,
Br. Edmundo Fernandez FSC

Note: Brother Edmundo is the Brother Visitor of the Lasallian East Asia District consisting of
Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Japan and Indonesia.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Esprit De Corp at St Michael's - Truly A Unique Michaelian Value

All things are possible at St Michael's Ipoh simply because we have a common goal and a common vision. Look!It is actually in line with the La Sallian song, "ONE LA SALLE". 
The lyric is 
Our faith, our foundation, no matter how we pray,
To the poor we give our service
To brighten up their day
We are a community,
Each other we uphold
Our Motto Signum Fidei,
joins us both young and old.
Mr Rajan and the blogger were at Kamdar to acquire some materials to make choir stole for choir members, They were performing for Brother Vincent's Diamond Jubilee.
Librarians and prefects preparing display materials for Founder's Day at the foyer. We thank them for a job well done.

Wushu club members practising hard for a lion dance performance in conjunction with Brother Vincent's Diamond Jubilee.

Season drummers in action, also for Brother Vincent's celebration. The boys practised hard for the occasion.

Michaelian scouts gathered for a cooking competition. Events like this are not only healthy but building team work and strengthening friendship.

Waiting for their creation to be judged by the seniors.
This group needs no introduction. Yes, it's the Michaelian Military Band. This band stands out in everything they do. We did not win a place at the state-level Merdeka parade but we were glad we took part.

Speech Day on 30 July 2015 was another event to remember. Our guest-of-honor was Dr Adib Vincent Tung who is an old Michaelian.  Here, he is accompanied by our Principal Mdm Chan Nyook Ying to inspect the guard of honour.

Rehearsal for Brother Vincent's Jubilee. All went well. All parties worked hard. Thank you all.
I have more stories in store to post in the next few days. As for now, I have three classes of question papers to mark, numbering around 110 scripts so I need a few more days before I can update the next posts. Oh yes, this year, I am teaching Form Three and the boys are taking the PT3 in October 2015.
That's all for today. Cheers and best wishes from all of us at St Michael's Ipoh.

Signing off,

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Registration For Form One In Controlled Schools 2016 - A Note From the Department


Murid Tahun 6 (2015)
Sekolah Kebangsaan Negeri Perak


Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa Bahagian Pengurusan Sekolah Harian (BPSH) dengan kerjasama Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Perak telah membuka satu sistem atas talian untuk permohonan Tingkatan Satu (1) sesi 2016 ke sekolah kawalan negeri oleh ibubapa/penjaga .

Sistem Pendaftaran Atas Talian (SPATKPM) telah dibuka kepada orang awam mulai 1 September 2015 hingga 30 September 2015. Para ibubapa/penjaga murid tahun 6 yang bersekolah di Sekolah Kebangsaan boleh membuat permohonan ke sekolah kawalan dengan mendaftar masuk ke sistem tersebut. Sila hubungi sekolah untuk dapatkan nombor angka giliran UPSR anak tuan/puan. Perakukan permohonan dan serah permohonan (cetakan) kepada pihak sekolah . Seterusnya Pengesahan permohonan itu akan dibuat oleh pentadbir sekolah anak tuan/puan.

Sistem Pendaftaran Atas Talian boleh dicapai melalui url berikut:

Sekiranya ada pertanyaan mengenai sistem ini sila emailkan kepada
Sila muat turun Syarat Pemilihan Murid dan Senarai Sekolah Kawalan Negeri.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Unit Menengah
Sektor Pengurusan Sekolah
Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Perak

All That Happened, All That Excitement... at SMI Ipoh

The Founder's Day at St Michael's Institution. It’s a day to reflect on the rich history of the Lasallian mission and celebrate the man whose vision and dedication in providing holistic education to the young, especially the poor. 
Each year, Lasallians honor St. John Baptist de La Salle, founder of the La Salle Brothers and patron saint of teachers, on May 15, known as Founder’s Day. Many schools and ministries host various events and liturgies to honor De La Salle. 
At St Michael's, we celebrated Founder's Day on July 27, 2015 at a very meaningful ceremony during the Monday assembly witnessed by fellow Michaelians, teachers and members of the PIBG. Brother Matthew Bay was present at the event.

The week-long celebration included playing La Sallian songs on air, exhibition of La Salle's life journey, Lasallian education and values. The school's Michaelian Heritage Gallery was made available to the students during the week.
The Founder's Day was launched by school Principal Mdm Chan Nyook Ying. Looking on are Brother Matthew Bay, fourth from left, Mr Michael Joseph Lee, PIBG chairman, second from left, OMA secretary Mr Anthony Lourdes, extreme right and school administrators.
The blogger is in the process of uploading videos on youtube on events taking place in school. While others are already doing that for years, I am still in the stage of exploring. Thank you again for being strong supporters of the alma mater. Yes, all of you can make a difference.  

It's good to display materials on La Sallian values and how these values can form the foundation in character building of these students. All Lasallian schools should organise events like the  Founder's Day to ensure the school community preserve this age-old tradition.
The exhibition area at the school foyer- efforts of the librarians and prefects in making this possible has to be mentioned here. 

An event worth remembering - the Founder's Day at St Michael's Ipoh.
The school foyer also known as the school parlour

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

QUIS UT DEUS! What makes a Michaelian true?

Cheers and best wishes! Dear Michaelians, it has been a long time. Now that most programmes and events for the year are over, it's updating of blog time. Oh yes, just to inform that I am also the proud owner of a Twitter account with the handle @peterkhiew. This is quite recent while for this blog, it has been quite a number of years. I started with something on discipline matters but later progressed to posts that keep our Michaelians, wherever they are, updated on happenings at the alma mater.
While going through the book, Our Story, I came across the article on, "What makes a Michaelian true?" I scanned the article and posted it here for all to have a look and see how we can relate to this. It is written many years ago by Brother Michael Jacques.
Let's stay true to being a Michaelian and be proud of it!

Signing off,

Monday, July 13, 2015

Something Is Happening Soon At St Michael's Ipoh...

July 27, 2015. It's the Founder's Day at St Michael's Institution. All teachers and students will listen to his story and journey. To be launched by the school principal, the Founder's Day 5-day celebration will be attended by members of the Parent-Teacher Association and RLEC, the Regional Lasallian Education Council. 
We will keep everyone updated soon. Thank you and cheers. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

SMI Continues To Aspire and Inspire...

Darren Leong clinched the top prize at the state-level RHB/NST Spell It Right competition. He will represent the state in October 2015. The principal presenting the certificate to the top speller at the assembly.
Look at participant No 001 - he is Darren Leong! Ooops! There's one more behind, second from right  is Tharun who also won a prize. Congrats boys

Rotary Club Ipoh Interschool Debate 2015 - SMI is TOP after defeating MGS in the final at Chin Woo Hall. From left, the team adviser and coach Mr Waran, PK KOKO Mr Kong and principal Mdm Chan. 
The night we were declared champions. 

Principal Mdm Chan posing with the students who are wearing the T-shirts depicting this year's MICHAELIAN TALENT SHOW 2015 - 21, 22 and 23 August 2015.
Michaelians undergoing lessons in a remedial class. Tn Hj Sidek is an expert in Bahasa Melayu. 

Students sitting for the New South Wales University English test last week in the school hall. 
Old boys and girls paying a visit to the Michaelian Heritage Gallery. With them are Brother Vincent and the school principal.
Selamat Hari Guru.. guru mengambil ikrar Hari Guru di hadapan pelajar semasa sambutan perayaan Hari Guru 2015.

Michaelian Heritage Gallery Repository - Items are kept here for safety and processing before they are displayed at the gallery.

Teachers undergoing a staff development programme at the La Salle Auditorium.

Certificate presented by  the Education Department to acknowledge the efforts of the school.
Currently the school is busy preparing for Brother Vincent's Diamond Jubilee Celebration on August 3, 2015. We will continue to update our followers from time to time. Till then, cheers from me, Peter Khiew.