Friday, January 30, 2015

Michaelian Rugby Team Shines

Michaelian rugby players showed their mettle at the Kinta Utara district meet by thrashing SMK Tasek Damai 67-0 and SMK Gunung Rapat 29-5. The boys went on to take Anderson School 22-12. We lost to STAR 0-75.
It was a well fought game. The boys gave their opponents from the STAR a tough win.
Keep up the spirit boys and to the chief coach Cikgu Helmi and his assistant Cikgu Fahmi, both of you trained them well.
"Harnessing Potential, Nurturing Character" through games.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Launching Of The School Theme 2015

Principal Mdm Loh and prefects after the launch.
"Harnessing Potential, Nurturing Character"- that's St Michael's Institution, Ipoh's direction of the year for students.
Speech by school Principal - all pix by Cikgu Azhar Rodzi
Principal Madam Loh in her speech explained to the students the significance of the theme and how they can benefit from it. She attributed the strength of St Michael's to the values and virtues advocated by the Lasallian education which emphasizes on character building and holistic education.

Michaelians recognise our own strengths, skills and interests. Harnessing your potentials requires you to get to know yourself – what inspires you, what moves you and what you really love doing so that you can pursue your dreams in life.
Similarly, nurturing of these virtues and characters – trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship is instrumental to produce competent, wholesome and compassionate adults.

Prior to the officiating and unfurling of the official banner, the blogger gave a brief introduction on the purpose of having annual themes. Below is the message..

Hari ini Selasa, 27 Januari 2015 merupakan satu hari yang sangat bermakna untuk kita semua, iaitu satu hari di mana keluarga Michaelian akan melancarkan tema tahunan sekolah St Michael Ipoh oleh Puan Pengetua kita nanti.
Fellow Michaelians, why do we have themes and slogans in an organisation? Themes give us a direction, a goal and a common objective.
Themes focus and unite both students and teachers so that we work together and learn together.
Year after year, St Michael’s Institution Ipoh has never failed to come up with a theme. In 1999 before the arrrival of the Millennium we had “Michaelians March Into the 21st Century”. That prepared us to face challenges and explore new dimensions.
Prefects proudly show the banner at the assembly
In 2005, our theme was “Towards A Culture of Participation”. That year, we participated in numerous events, cleaning up the school, painting up our class furniture, involved ourselves in community services visiting old folks homes, orphanages and raising fund. We had the opportunity to showcase the Michaelian Spirit.
Then in 2009, Michaelians were upbeat. So Excited. We reckoned that Michaelians needed to remember our roots and our history. So, we sat down and discussed what’s best for all. We came up with…. “Upholding the Great Michaelian Ethos”.
And today, ladies and gentlemen, we notice that Michaelians have so much potential in them. So much to offer to the school, the country and the society. We Michaelians are so inspired by those who were here before us. We also recognise the values they uphold and the capabilities they have. We want to tap these qualities.
We sat down again and discussed. This time it took us three days to come up with the theme which is going to be unveiled today by our Principal.
I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Mr Karu, our senior teacher and prefect master, and his prefects. Mr Liew and his band members in assisting the school in making this event possible and most memorable.
Lastly, I thank our Principal Madam Loh for gracing today’s very special event.

Note: We had a successful day. Michaelians were excited and all agreed that we need to work hard to preserve the tradition and culture of the school. 
At the end of the day, three words stay relevant- discipline, order and respect.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Michaelian Run, Saturday 24 January 2015 at 7.30 am, School Field

The alma mater annual event, The Michaelian Run, is back! Old boys, far and near, are coming back to participate in the run. A few more days to tone up. See all of you this Saturday at 7.30am.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Michaelian Military Band Concert Is Back!

The much-awaited concert by the Michaelian Military Band is back! Touted to be the best ever, the 55-strong band members will mesmerize the audience with numbers like "Forever Shining" by James Swearingen and "Animation Medley" by Joe Hisaishi. 
The boys have brilliantly chosen February 14- Valentine Day as a day to entertain the Ipoh crowd. So expect some love numbers by the talented band boys. Roses for sale? Should be... 
Tickets are still available at RM20 (backseat) and RM50 (middle seat). Hurry and grab your tickets now.
Details and tickets, call Master Yew at 014-8888811 or Master Liew at 018-3781998.
Their website:

Launching Of School Theme 2015

St Michael's Institution Ipoh will be launching the school theme, " Harnessing Potential, Nurturing Character" next week, on Tuesday. School principal Madam Loh Wei Seng will be unveiling the official banner at the assembly ground at 7.40am. Members of the Prefectorial Board and Michaelian Military Band will be assisting in the launch.
The launch of the school theme is aimed to ensure that every Michaelian realises their potentials, strengths, skills and interests. We will also emphasize on the virtues of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

I am looking forward to the launch. Cheers from us at SMI Ipoh.

La Salle Centre needs our assistance. See what we can do to help

La Salle Centre Director, Brother Matthew Bay said besides the centre, the school chapel too needs some repair works, particularly the roof as water seepage has started to show signs of damage to the entire area.

Below are the breakdown of works need to be carried out. 
Additional repairs and upgrading
1.       Roof cracks require ‘roofing’ over.  (RM 15000.00)
2.       Ceiling cracks and flaking paint – repair and repaint (5000.00)
3.       Reconnect water piping to sink in sacristy  (200.00)
4.       Construct 1 unit toilet/washroom at back of chapel  (5000.00)
5.       New altar table to replace old plywood piece  (500.00)
6.       Choir loft door/window to be replaced with stained or coloured glass – for light (500.00?)
7.       Sacristy floor need re-varnishing  (300.00)
8.       Casement windows to replace current glass louvers 3000.00)
9.       Thicker glass/stained glass/coloured glass to replace current clear, thin panes on doors (3500.00)
10.   Chapel surround – add plaster ceiling, down lights, fans.  (10000.00?)

Estimated total cost of RM 50,000.00 based on costing given several years ago. The projects are listed in order of need/ priorities and quality of material can be upgraded or downgraded or the project downsized according to the availability of funds.

This list of needs was drawn up by Mr.John Bosco and Brother Matthew Bay after consulting and discussing with several concerned people.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Little Sharing of Life At St Michael's Ipoh.

St Michael's Institution Ipoh started the new academic year with a bang. Students were excited to be in school on the first day of school which fell on 12 January 2015. Students were orderly when they were gathering at the assembly ground. Lower six students have yet to come so students are from Form Three to Upper Six. We welcomed the Form Three students who are now in the morning session whereas the Form Four this year are the students who took the PT3 in 2014. There are 6 Science classes and three Vocational classes. Next year, 2016, English Language joins the league of must-pass subjects - Bahasa Melayu and History. Teachers and students must work hard to ensure that St Michael's Ipoh continues with its strong English-speaking tradition as I believe if we use English often in our daily lives, we will be able to do well in our exams.
Our school theme this year is "Harnessing Potential, Nurturing Character". The Principal will be unfurling the official banner soon. We will keep everyone updated on this.

Enjoy your life in school, make new friends, learn from your peers, get new knowledge from your teachers but most importantly, cherish the moments you spend at St Michael's Ipoh. Ask any old Michaelians, the best memories are those made and captured at SMI!
Enjoy your days. Cheers.
1969..Std 6D

Sunday, January 04, 2015

School Reopens

School reopens 12 January 2014. Those in the morning session are required to reach school by 7.20am. Students in the afternoon session should be in school by 12.50pm.
Quis Ut Deus